Brand New Study Inadvertently Suggests 4-Year-Olds Are Smarter Than Democrats

Kirsters Baish| It seems that a running trend among Democrat policies is “free stuff.” Democrats think that everyone should have free college, free birth control, free housing, free everything. The problem is that nothing is really ever free. Someone is paying for it, even if it isn’t the person receiving it. The way liberals would like it would be if “basic income” were a real thing. This way, the government could take your hard-earned money and hand it to whomever they please, which would most likely be someone who decided they didn’t fee like getting a job.

Socialism seems to be taking over the Democratic Party. The movement seemed to start when Senator Bernie Sanders made it much further in the 2016 presidential election than any of us thought he was going to with his Socialist background, much to our shock and dismay. Fortunately, not enough Americans were brainwashed enough to vote for him. Now, we are seeing New York Democratic Socialist sweetheart Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stealing the hearts of Democrats.

The Daily Wire’s Joseph Curl explains:

But here’s the thing: Just as legal immigrants who spent a decade working to become U.S. citizens don’t much like illegal “immigrants” waltzing into the country, Americans don’t fancy giving away free stuff (it’s the whole “no such thing as . . .,” presumably). If we gotta’ work to get what we want and need, the reasoning goes, well, so, too, should you.

But Americans are supremely generous, too. They give hundreds of billions of dollars to charities each year, and they have no problem whatsoever helping those who have less (billions of tax dollars go every year to people in need).

Both concepts are fairly simply to grasp. Actually, they’re so simple that a child could easily understand them. There’s actually a study to prove it, too.

“Children as young as age 4 express dislike of and are willing to punish those who freeload off the work of other group members, a new Yale University study has found,” as reported by Yale News.

The report found that children are able to distinguish between people who mooch off of others on purpose and those who are unable to contribute in the same way as others.

“This expectation of cooperation emerges by pre-school and maybe even earlier,” explained Yarrow Dunham, assistant professor of psychology as well as the senior author of the research paper that “Psychological Science” published.

For years, psychologists have been trying to understand why people seem to cooperate more and be more willing to make sacrifices in order to maintain cooperation.

The Daily Wire writes, “We pay taxes, stop at red lights, help elderly neighbors — and dislike and are willing to punish those who violate these social norms. Psychologists have debated whether this occurs naturally or arises during socialization.”

Dunham had the help of a Yale postdoc named Fan Yang. Together, the two designed a series of multiple experiments, meant to determine whether very young children, who are not contributing members of a group by default, to talk about how they feel when it comes to “freeloaders.”

The results of the experiments were very interesting.

Yale News went on:

Children from ages 4 to 10 were presented with scenarios in which they had to give up chocolates in order to get a cake or plant seeds in a garden to get tomatoes. All children expressed dislike for those who did not contribute and were even willing to give up stickers to punish them. The youngest subjects exhibited a stronger aversion to free-riders than 9- and 10-year-olds.

However, when a freeloader has a good excuse for not contributing — e.g. her pet ate her chocolate — the aversion was greatly reduced, the researchers report.

Dunham stated, “Even young children expect cooperation and are willing to work to sustain it even at cost to themselves. I find this very positive. The seeds that sustain cooperation seem to emerge early on, and while as a society we need to sustain and nurture these values, we may not need to instill them in the first place.”

Children can grasp these concepts very early on, so why is it that liberals are not able to?