Brand New Poll Spells Doom For Democrats & Huge Win For Republicans As Way More Americans Are Better Off Financially Now Then They Were 2 Years Ago

Elder Patriot – A new Emerson College poll spells bad news for Democrats.  The party that claims to embrace ethnic diversity is facing an exodus of a large percentage of its ethnic voters as a result of President Trump’s MAGA policies.

The economy is booming and that means a tighter labor force which in turn leads to increased opportunities for those looking for work.  And, this is where the Democrats’ failure to deliver over 5 decades is going to cost them now.

Democrats insist on determining winners and losers.  The result has been almost all losers for their prefered groups.  Republicans, when they’re acting like Republicans, believe that a rising tide lifts all boats regardless of skin tone or gender.  

This is exactly what is reflected in the Emerson poll.  The poll found 62% of Hispanics believe they are better off today, under Trump’s economy than they were before.  If Hispanics follow this usually reliable indicator, Trump should do significantly better with this group than the 29% support he receiving in 2016.

On Friday the reason became evident when the Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly report.  The unemployment rate for Hispanics was the lowest it has ever been at 4.6%. It’s important to note that the lowest rate previously recorded was during the administration of George W. Bush, not under Obama.

Wages are also beginning to move higher for the first time in decades.

How many of these workers will be willing to take a personal step backwards and restore power to the Democrats who are promising to reverse the progress made under President Trump?  

Perhaps some will but the bet here is that number will never return to 29%.  Maybe not even 39% making any hopes the Democrats have for a return to power nearly impossible.  Maybe if the Dems hadn’t kicked white voters to the curb these numbers wouldn’t be so damning.

Even among Black voters the poll found that 30% consider themselves better off due to the Trump economy.  That may not sound like a lot but in the world of electoral politics where Dems must secure 90% of the Black vote to win elections, that number is huge.

Trump asked them “what do you have to lose” during the 2016 campaign.  Now the answer is in and the question has changed to why would you ever go back?

Overall, 72% of Americans consider themselves better off than they were after eight years under Obama.  

Americans are feeling better about themselves and their prospects for the future than they have in more than a decade.  

Democrats, realizing the can’t win on policy, are doubling down on the “Trump is deplorable” strategy.  Their backers – big-money financial oligarchs – have resorted to paying protestors to create civil unrest and to paint a picture of a divided America.

This is not a winning strategy.  In 1972, at the height of the Vietnam war protests, Richard Nixon won 49 states on his way to re-election while running on a law and order platform.

The fact is Democrats have always sought a divided America.  It’s how they won elections as long as the had Republican cover.

We are witnessing what is possible with a man at the helm who eschews political correctness and the bonds of set-asides, quotas, high taxes, and other political dogma.

Republicans are fond of saying a rising tide lifts all boats.  That’s not true, at least not for the Democrats. It looks like they’re sailing on the Titanic.