Brand New Poll Has Obama Eating His Heart Out & Trump Grinning Ear To Ear As He Continues To MAGA

Kirsters Baish| The most recent Fox News poll has garnered some very interesting results that the Democrats are not going to be happy about. The results show that President Donald Trump’s approval rating is actually higher than both former Presidents Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan during the same time in their respective presidencies.

As of this week, President Trump’s approval rating sits at a comfortable 45%, whereas during the same time in his presidency, Barack Obama’s approval rating was at 44%. During June of the second year of Ronald Reagan’s first term in the White House, his approval rating was also at 44%. This means Donald Trump’s approval rating is higher than both. Keep in mind that Trump was able to accomplish this, despite the fact that 90% of mainstream media coverage on his presidency has been negative.

The Rasmussen poll showed on June 9, 2010 that Barack Obama’s approval rating was 46%, but yesterday President Trump’s approval rating was 47%!

The Democrat Party has been shoving predictions of a “blue wave” in the upcoming November midterm elections down our throats, but taking a second look, it seems as though they are just making empty threats based on their hatred for President Trump. It seems like they haven’t taken Trump’s popularity into account when assessing the motivation of Republican voters.

Breitbart News writes:

On June 7, 2018, Trump had a 49 percent approval rating compared to Barack Obama, who had a 46 percent approval rating on June 7, 2010.

The poll also found GOP voters more enthusiastic than Democrats and independents about casting a vote in November and found voters overall more enthusiastic about getting to the ballot box than in the last midterm.

Rasmussen explained that their most recent national online and phone survey found that 70% of Republican voters have explained that they will be voting this year, even if they haven’t in prior elections. This is six percent higher than the 64% of Democrat voters and 51% of independent voters who were polled. The poll also found that out of all likely voters, 62% are planning on casting votes in the upcoming elections. Only six percent of those polled explained that they are less likely to vote. 30% feel that this November is no different from any other November, and they are just as likely to vote as any other year, but not more likely.

Compare these numbers to July of 2014, when 57% stated that they were more likely to vote in November than they were in other elections.

Rasmussen also found that voters who support President Trump are more likely to cast their votes than voters who are against the President’s policies.

Around 73% of those polled strongly agree with President Trump’s job performance thus far and are more likely to get out and vote in November. 65% of those who strongly disapprove of President Trump are less likely to vote.

Breitbart explained that “the survey was taken of 1,000 likely voters on June 5-6, 2018. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points.”

Take a look at the Fox News report from the month of April below: