Bombshell: WikiLeaks Releases Proof That The NY Times Colluded with Hillary

Elder Patriot – When does a news source stop being a news source and starts being a co-conspirator in a criminal enterprise?  And, when does an investigator stop being an investigator and start becoming part of a conspiracy to cover-up criminal wrongdoing?

The answers are becoming painfully obvious to everyone except the most devoted leftists who are more vested in worshipping Obama and Clinton than they are in learning the truth.

Early Sunday morning WikiLeaks posted an email from November 28, 2010 that New York Times reporter, Scott Shane, had sent to Obama’s Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, Phillip J. Crowley who was serving under Hillary Clinton at the time.

It revealed that Shane, who is a national security reporter for the Times, was providing the State Department with advance notice of its publication schedule of articles to give Hillary’s spin room at Foggy Bottom an opportunity to get ahead of potentially damaging reports.

In some cases the extra lead-time provided the time necessary to develop and plant a story that served to defang the damaging reports before they became public.  In other cases the advanced warning allowed State the time to create a diversion.

This is not simply cheerleading – though that would be damning enough for the once respected oracle of news – it crosses the line into deception of the public in an intentional conspiracy to protect Clinton and Obama from charges of malfeasance or outright corruption.

That raises the question as to why the FBI was twiddling its thumbs while this was happening?  Keep in mind that current Special Counsel Robert Mueller was the director of the FBI at this time and he continued serving in that capacity after Crowley left the State Department under a cloud in 2013.

We all knew Washington was corrupted by the emergence of a Deep State but not many political observers really had a grasp of just how pervasive the Clintons’ control had become.  There was a reason that Obama chose a person that he detested to be his Secretary of State. 

He wanted the keys to the Deep State and the mainstream media that is paid to protect them and only Hillary and Bill could provide that to him.  In return for that protection Obama turned a blind eye to Hillary’s sale of American assets to the highest foreign bidders that allowed her and Bill to amass in excess of $2 billion that was laundered through their foundation.

Mueller, too, turned a blind eye to her corruption even as it was happening under his nose during his tenure as head of the FBI.  Expecting Mueller to turn on Clinton at this point would be expecting him to incriminate himself. 

Kudos to President Trump who slow played this poker game until everyone became aware that Mueller was holding an empty hand with Russiagate.  Now it’s Trump’s turn to show his cards.