Video: Tough-Talking Antifa Guy Craps His Pants When Patriots Call Him Out

As a former bar owner I can’t remember the number of times I witnessed guys – and girls – running their mouths at other people never expecting the possible consequences.

After closing the staff would sit together drinking beers and laughing our asses off recalling the way it turned out, again.

The actions of those morons was usually attributed to beer muscles.  Not so much for this Antifa miscreant:

It’s hard to imagine anyone being this vile and unfeeling but there you have it in his own disgusting words.

Now as a veteran of these dust ups, I normally try to avoid sticking my nose in other people’s business.  In this case, though, I’m pretty certain I would’ve stepped in between to at least buffer this woman from this scumbag’s abuse.

I wasn’t there but someone else was.  And he didn’t just step between the woman and the miscreant to deflect the misplaced crap spewing from his mouth.  He exposed this Antifa pussy boi as a coward:

Runaway little boy.

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