Black Stanford Student Takes the Microphone, Destroys Liberal Narrative & Makes Revolutionary Declaration: “I’m Free”

Kirsters Baish| The Democrats have been taking advantage of black Americans for years now. The sad part is that many of the policies the Democrats are supporting are not doing African American communities any favors. Times are changing, and African Americans are beginning to realize that their voices count. We are seeing a new wave of African American politics, and Candace Owens is a pioneer in this movement.

The Turning Point USA speaker has a new message for African Americans, a message that warns them of the dangers in following the Democrat Party. Owens’ message warns black Americans that the Democrat Party is using them for votes, but she encourages them to follow her down a new road. It seems as though her message is reaching the people, too.

Owens recently paid a visit to Stanford University. On Wednesday, she posted about one particular student who she encountered on her trip. This young man is the prime example of the movement that is taking place currently.

Owens tweeted out, “The world is changing before our eyes. Tonight at Stanford, a black student stepped to the mic. He said he used to support Black Lives Matter until he researched their lies. He shouted to a packed room ‘BUT NOW I’M FREE’. The Black Revolution is unfolding and it’s beautiful.”

Conservative Tribune writes:

Candace Owens has previously engaged with liberals on college campuses and has become a rising star among conservative leaders. Her optimistic voice has caught the attention of people ranging from President Donald Trump to Kanye West, who made waves when he said he liked how Owens thinks.

“The most controversial thing I’ve ever done was decide to think with my brain instead of my skin tone,” the conservative firebrand explained about herself previously.

“I understood that racism was being used as a theme and a mechanism to control black Americans and that the black community needed new leaders to sort of see them through that complete lie,” she has also said.

“There’s an ideological civil war happening (in the black community),” Owens continued. “Black people that are focused on their past and shouting about slavery, and black people that are focused on their futures.”

It seems that the cold hard facts actually back Owens’ theory up. African Americans have voted for Democrats for years, but these are the same Democrats who are leading African American communities right into the ground. These communities have some of the highest crime rates and the worst living conditions.

Take a look at Detroit if you need an example. Detroit used to be dubbed as the “Motor City,” with jobs aplenty, and Motown music makers were thriving there. Democrats took over, and the city began to rapidly decline.

Investor’s Business Daily reported, “Detroit last elected a Republican mayor in 1957. It is now the model of urban failure — it’s recognized more for its poverty, crime, rot and bankruptcy than the great cars that it turned out into the early 1970s. It is the poorest big city in the nation, with almost 40% of the population living below the poverty line.”

Former President Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago isn’t much different than Detroit. The far left policies that have been adopted by the city leave Chicago sitting in one of the slots for the highest murder rates in the entire country.

California, one of the most notoriously liberal states, currently holds the title of the highest poverty rate in the entire country.

While the left continue to complain about President Trump, he has actually been doing a lot of good for African Americans.

Conservative Tribune previously reported, “Unemployment in the black community dropped to a record low of 6.8 percent in December, the lowest black unemployment rate ever recorded since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began tracking this statistic in 1972.”

The left want to silence speakers like Candace Owens, but she is not about to let them take away her voice.

Take a look at the video of the Stanford student below: