Benedict Gowdy? What Trey Just Said Has Patriots Worried That He Flipped … Statements to CBS are Naive and Indefensible… Or…

Elder Patriot – Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) has become a study in contrasts.  One minute he stridently interrogating disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok and the next he’s defending Special Counsel Robert Mueller against charges that he’s conducting a witch-hunt.

Unless Congressman Gowdy is attempting to position himself as a unbiased observer for some perceived long term benefit to more broadly enhance his credibility, his defense of Mueller does not withstand even the slightest scrutiny.

Gowdy is a seasoned prosecutor – and a good one at that – with a keen eye for the facts.  So if I can look at only what’s publicly known and conclude Mueller is on a witch-hunt against Donald Trump, then he surely knows the same thing.

Let’s start with the “Scope” document outlining the extent of the Special Counsel’s investigation.  Why did Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the man who appointed Mueller on May 17, 2017, wait two and half months until August 2nd, before finally telling Mueller the scope of his investigation?

And, when Rosenstein finally released the scope document, and then only under court order, did the heavily redacted document reveal that the investigation was to focus on Trump, and Trump alone.  

  1. Any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associate with the campaign of president Donald Trump, and
  2. Any matters that arose or may arise directly from that investigation.  

Ostensibly, (2) authorizes the prosecution of Paul Manafort on 20-year-old tax evasion charges.

Claims by Gowdy on CBS’s Face the Nation yesterday that:

“I don’t think it’s a witch hunt. I’ve never thought it was a witch hunt.

Russia attacked this country in 2016. That’s the number one thing we’ve asked Mueller to look at — what did Russia do.  And that’s not a witch hunt. That’s an attack on our country.”

It may be an attack on our country Mr. Gowdy but you know as well as anyone that if an investigation is warranted to expose Russian election interference it should be the subject of a counterintelligence investigation and not a team of partisan lawyers.  And it should look at all political parties and every aspect of our strategic apparatus. The fact that the scope of Mueller’s probe was limited to President Trump and only his associates is unquestionably troubling.

Gowdy’s denial that this isn’t a witch-hunt Just doesn’t hold water.  Listen to House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes discussing the probe with Maria Bartiromo yesterday.

“Everything the Democrats said about our report (the HPSCI report compiled by Republicans) is that it was a whitewash.  Then we had to fight with the intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice that they would not redact and declassify our report.

“That was finished in April.  So this entire report you have in front of you, all you had to do was get to page 4, you only had to read chapter 2, and you would have nearly everything that’s in the indictment (that Rosenstein chose to release on Friday just prior to Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.)

“Actually, there’s more in this report than what’s in the indictment.  This is what’s very frustrating. It’s great that they indicted Russian.  Yes they did bad things and they’re always up to bad things, we know that.

“They have very sophisticated intelligence capabilities in Russia and they’re always, constantly attacking the United States and our allies.  However, in the indictment they leave out some really important people that they also went after.

“The indictment plays like they were only going after the Democrats when Bob Mueller and all his investigators and his lawyers know for a fact that they also targeted Republicans.”

Admitting that would change the narrative that it was Trump who was getting aid from the Russians and they couldn’t have that.

By any definition this is a witch-hunt.  That’s made even more clear by the fact that DAG Rosenstein appointed the Special Counsel without any evidence of an underlying crime committed by Donald Trump or those around him.  

All the rhetoric aside, beginning an investigation without evidence of an underlying crime is the greatest assault on our Republic, not Russian meddling.  After all, the Russians are an outside force that we can stop if we have the will to.

And, the scope document does not direct Mueller to investigate any possibility of Clinton’s criminality with regard to Uranium One or Skolkovo.  And, since Mueller was the FBI Director during Clinton’s criminal spree there’s no chance he’s going to investigate himself.

Gowdy is also aware that every country with the capability to spy on another country is doing it.  So when he instructs Donald Trump to make his first request to Putin to:

“Tell us which airport we can pick up the 25 Russians that tried to interfere with the fundamentals of our democracy,”

He is being as disingenuous as any of President Trump’s political enemies.  Is he going to recommend that President Trump surrender our military’s cyber investigators to Russia.  Even Gowdy doesn’t think this would be appropriate.

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul explains:

Unless Gowdy is envisioning some long game where he will be viewed as an unbiased mediator when everything comes to a head, he has lost his stomach for the fight.  Frankly there’s no chance of anyone being viewed as non-partisan any longer. As we witnessed countless times already, the left turns savagely against anyone who dares utter a word against their establishment.