Benghazi Hero, Kris Paronto Goes All In, Calls Out Obama & Liberal Press In Devastating Assault On Twitter

Kris Paronto is a true American hero.  He didn’t earn that title by redistributing taxpayer money from one group to a more favored group.  He didn’t earn that title with focus-group tested rhetoric.

Paronto earned the title of hero on the roof of a clandestine CIA outpost in the middle of some God-forsaken land halfway around the world.  He was one of a handful of men – literally a handful – who defended the lives of nearly three dozen Americans who were ill-prepared to defend themselves.

Paronto was one of the few who walked off the roof the following morning – thirteen hours after Barack Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had been alerted to the massive Islamic terrorist attack.

The former Army Ranger knows all about the stand down orders Hillary Clinton issued on Obama’s orders that night.

He knows all about the lies she told the families of those who died that night.

He knows all about Susan Rice’s bald-faced lies while making rounds of the Sunday shows.

So, unlike the so-called journalists who collectively serve as the mouthpiece for a globalist union, Paronto has earned the right to speak his mind.

He’s especially ticked over the faux outrage they are spewing over the apparent murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi and on Thursday he called out the hypocrisy of the propaganda peddlers.  

And, then there’s this:

Chilling legal memo from Obama DOJ justifies assassination of US citizens

Rhetoric aside, the Middle East was a raging inferno of political and jihadist conflict that was ready to blow.  The destabilization of the region has become so complete under Obama it at least raises the question of whether that destabilization was by design to clear the way for Iran’s hegemonic plans.

This was all threatened by Donald Trump’s successful trip to the Middle East, only a few months into his presidency, where he cobbled together a workable plan for restoring some semblance of order.

While it’s true Saudi Arabia is a less than perfect ally – in geo-political dealings, perfect is the enemy of good.  Consider Turkey. Or consider Stalinist Russia during WWII.

And, while Khashoggi was a journalist, he might also have become a pawn in driving a wedge between the Saudis and the Trump peace plan.

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