Ben Shapiro is Sick of David Hogg’s Demands, So He Makes One of His Own

Kirsters Baish| Outspoken Conservative radio host Ben Shapiro is sick and tired of Parkland survivor turned activist David Hogg.  Shapiro believes that Hogg shouldn’t be able to get away with attacking anyone who has a different point of view than he does, and immune from criticism.

Shapiro was clear about his own demands for the Florida student. He explained that Hogg should be apologizing to multiple people.

BizPac Review reported that the Daily Wire’s editor-in-chief, Ben Shapiro, called out Hogg after he pushed advertisers to pull their ads from Laura Ingraham’s Fox News channel show. Shapiro challenged Hogg via Twitter to apologize to those who he has wronged.

Hogg attacked Ingraham after a tweet she posted which amplified Hogg’s confession that he was rejected from four elite colleges.

BizPac Review went on to report that the school shooting survivor is now the head of a boycott campaign against Ingraham. “David Hogg Rejected By Four Colleges To Which He Applied and whines about it,” Ingraham Tweeted on Wednesday morning. She linked to a Daily Wire article. Her parenthetical: “Dinged by UCLA with a 4.1 GPA…totally predictable given acceptance rates.”

Hogg wasn’t too happy about that. He responded to Ingraham’s tweet by questioning who her largest advertisers were. The implication was that he would be pushing his followers to boycott all companies who have ads on Ingraham’s show. That’s exactly what Hogg ended up doing too.

Hogg says that he is “annoyed” that he’s being rejected from schools even though he claims that he is “changing the world.”

From Downtrend:

I noted though that he admittedly handled the rejection OK, in that he neither threw a fit nor whined excessively. He just accepted his fate like a part-time (though arrogant) grown-up:


During an interview with Hogg, CNN’s Brian Stelter admitted he allowed the kid to get away with spouting falsehoods.

He didn’t want to interrupt Hogg’s flow!

Conservative Tribune reported that during a Monday interview, Brian Stelter of CNN admitted on the air that he would allow David Hogg to get away with making false statements in front of the network’s viewers. His admission came after Stelter went on CNN’s “S.E. Cupp Unfiltered.” He was defending the mainstream media’s constant coverage of the anti-gun marches across the country.

Cupp is a rare Conservative host at CNN. He questioned Stelter about the possibility of television networks having gone too far in allowing anti-Second Amendment students take over the post-Parkland debate on gun control. Stelter’s admission was jaw dropping. He admitted that while he was interviewing David Hogg, he had purposely decided to not challenge some of the student’s misstatements. Stelter answered, “There were a few times I wanted to jump in and say, ‘Let’s correct that fact.’ And at one of the times I did and other times I did not. There’s always that balance, how many times you’re going to interrupt?”

If Stelter had been interviewing Kyle Kashuv, you can be sure he would have corrected him.

The Daily Wire reported:

On Monday, when CNN’s Alisyn Camerota called out far-left activist David Hogg for his vicious attacks on Marco Rubio, suggesting that Hogg’s vile rhetoric was going too far and was not constructive in helping provide solutions to problems, Hogg declared that he, Hogg, was not going nearly far enough in his attacks.

Camerota called out Hogg, saying that she had spoken to the victim’s families and they have said that Rubio is doing a lot behind the scenes to try to fix problems. Camerota asked Hogg if he thought he should be at least giving some credit to Rubio for some of the changes that have taken place.

Hogg responded by snapping that the actions that Rubio and other lawmakers have taken have been insufficient, saying, “In reality these laws have more holes than Swiss cheese.”