It Begins: Chairman of HPSCI Says They Plan to Interview Robert Mueller

Elder Patriot – Texas Representative Louis Gohmert serves on the House Judiciary Committee that is often referred to as the lawyer for the House of Representatives because of its jurisdiction over matters relating to the administration of justice in Federal courts, administrative bodies, and law enforcement agencies. The Committee has oversight responsibility for the Department of Justice.

That would be the same Department of Justice whose case alleging wrongdoing by President Trump has crumbled under scrutiny as nothing more than a partisan, politically inspired witch-hunt for the benefit of a political party whose criminal activity and devotion to world government was on the verge of being exposed.

Gohmert laid out the case against Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the man who appointed him Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein during an interview with Fox News’ David Asman:

Rep. Gohmert: One of the things that was most shocking was that a guy named Rosenstein, if that name sounds familiar, since he appointed Mueller, hearing a rumor that he was the guy that actually helped sign documents that got the whole thing, the original cover-up [of the investigation into Russian bribery, extortion, kickbacks and money laundering to illegally obtain uranium from United States companies] done by sealing documents back early in the Obama administration so that Hillary could go through and make mega-millions…[through the Uranium One deal]

…The blockbuster line here now is that he [Mueller head of the FBI at the time of that investigation] and Rosenstein had to be involved in him being the Special Counsel now because now we know he needed to cover up the fact that him and Rosenstein originally covered up the first investigation!

Gohmert says Mueller should’ve recused himself from the special counsel position because of this.  As Gohmert correctly points out Mueller would be investigating himself!

This brings us to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and its Chairman, Devin Nunes.  This is the committee trying to learn the truth about who was behind the attempt to undermine our democracy in the last presidential election.  Nunes recused himself almost from the beginning and handed the reins of the committee to Democrat Adam Schiff who failed to produce a single shred of evidence against Trump.  That’s when Nunes un-recused himself.

Since then the proverbial **** has hit the fan proving a massive cover up of Clinton’s criminal behavior that Mueller was neatly avoiding.

Congressman Gohmert gave us the reason why Mueller, and his team of partisan sycophants, had deliberately steered the investigation away from Clinton.

Nunes was asked about this following a presentation he made at Restoration Weekend, a retreat run by David Horowitz.

The attendee asked Nunes:

“As Chairman of the Intelligence Committee, are you in a position where you would be allowed to interview Mueller, who obviously, who apparently, I should say, has some relationship to 2009, 2010 when there was a Russian nuclear transaction, because if he actually participated in it and made some decisions relating to it, then he’s has no business investigating anyone else relating to Russia.”

Nunes’ response was welcome news to besieged Trump supporters:

Trey Gowdy, and I think rightfully so, wants to methodically go through this.  So the answer to Mueller, if he has involvement in it, we’re going to interview him.  I mean, that’s the bottom line.  But I will just say, in closing, there’s a lot more to come on this issue that I can’t talk about right now.

For Mueller, this can’t end well.  Even if he’s somehow found innocent in the uranium scandal cover up (it’s tough to envision both Mueller and Rosenstein skating on that), he should have recused himself knowing that his close personal friend, Jim Comey whose firing was the proximate reason for Mueller’s appointment in the first place, was going to be a fact witness.

Instead, he first applied to be Trump’s FBI director immediately after his buddy James Comey had been fired.  Having been rejected for that position, Rod Rosenstein, who may be proven to have been a co-conspirator along with Mueller in covering up the uranium investigation, appointed him to go after Trump despite lacking a single credible shred of evidence.

The premise used by Rosenstein had much in common with Joseph’s Stalin’s head of the secret police, Lavrentiy Beria who infamously said:

“Show me the man, and I’ll show you the crime.”

It’s time for these dirt bags to be held accountable.