Netflix Learns The Hard Way That Bringing on The Obamas Was a Horrendous Mistake

Kirsters Baish| Unfortunately for America, even after the Obamas have been out of the White House for more than a year, they are still looking for ways to sneak back into the spotlight. They continue to stick their noses into politics, where after eight years, we learned that they clearly they do not belong there. Now, we have learned that former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama have signed a deal with the television streaming application, Netflix. It was reported that the couple had signed a multi-year contract to produce online television shows for the entertainment company.

I guess these two will do anything for a pay day. Take a look at the Fox News report on the story below:

BizPac Review comically wrote, “While financial details weren’t disclosed, the bombshell deal begs the question: Will the Obamas be paid in pallets of unmarked bills covertly dropped off in the middle of the night à la Barry’s beloved Iran Nuclear deal?”

Reports have revealed that Barack claims that he and his wife will not be using their opportunity at Netflix to attack President Trump directly… however, the liberal couple will be creating content that reinforces issues and opinions that he advocated for during his time in office. This includes, but is not limited to, global warming, health care, immigration, foreign policy, and voting rights. So, basically their show will be chalked full of liberal content, but they will never directly say “screw Trump.”

Unfortunately for Netflix, their decision to bring on the former President and former First Lady isn’t sitting well with consumers.

Twitter was buzzing with negativity after the announcement was made that the Obamas would be joining the once popular television streaming application. Many announced that they would be ending their Netflix subscriptions, some after 15 years of patronizing the company. Needless to say, people were not happy that Netflix felt that it was appropriate to do business with two of the most corrupt people in our country. Take a look at the responses:

Conservative talk show host Larry Elder amusingly placed one of the former President’s famous anti-capitalist quotes in his new contract, making a joke that Conservatives got a kick out of:

Another Twitter user questioned how the couple would be receiving compensation:

Another user poked at the fact that the Obamas did virtually nothing for the black community during their time in the White House:

Things are not looking too hot for Netflix at this point. Maybe they should have considered all of the outcomes before bringing the Obamas on.