Most Devastating Political Ad of Midterms Just Released – GOP Must Run This Every Min Of Every Day To Destroy The Democratic Party

Perhaps the most influential political ad our country has ever seen was just run on Twitter, and that’s because it used the cold hard truth to bring down the corrupt left. If the Republican National Committee has a spine, they’ll air it all the way until midterms!

While the Republican Party tends to be more reserved in getting their message across, they changed strategies and went right for the kill shot with this new ad. Midterm elections are rapidly approaching, and the liberal left is quickly losing ground. This might have just knocked them out of the water for good.

The thing about politics today is that the left is digging their own grave with their mob mentality. All Republicans need to do to get their point across is display the facts, show video footage of the disgusting behavior being exhibited by the liberals of America… and that’s precisely what the new ad did.

Conservative Tribune explains:

The right seems to have found its voice and realized that all it takes to connect with people is the truth, told passionately.

You could say that’s one of the reasons Donald Trump won in 2016. Instead of slick Obama-esque messaging, he focused on common-sense talk that got to the truth of the matter. Usually it was blunt, sometimes it was crass, but it rang true — and that, combined with Trump’s unique energy, resonated with voters.

Even the soft-spoken Republican politicians have picked up on this. Cruz has buried the hatchet and is holding joint rallies with Trump. Ex-milquetoast Sen. Lindsey Graham catapulted himself onto the national stage by getting fired up for the truth about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and defending it with passion.

Take a look at the ad, which will likely serve as the final nail in the Democratic Party’s coffin in terms of the upcoming midterm elections:

The video starts off, “We have two choices on November 6th. The GOP’s America … or the left’s America.”

The ad highlights the extreme difference between Liberal America and Conservative America. Under President Trump, our economy is soaring and unemployment is reaching record lows.

Then there’s Liberal America, in which mob groups like Antifa destroy private and public property, take over entire streets, and beat up Trump supporters.

While prominent Democrats like Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters should be distancing themselves as much as possible from this kind of behavior, they seem to be supporting it, even endorsing violence.

The ad presented a simple choice to America, “Jobs Not Mobs,” which is the same message President Donald Trump has been advertising.

“The Democrats don’t like being called an angry mob,” Trump explained in a video which was posted to his Twitter page. “But really, that’s what they’ve become. They’ve gone so far left, they don’t know what’s going on. When you listen to Eric Holder talking about kicking … or Hillary Clinton saying what she said … they just don’t see it. They’re losing it. We should be a unified country.”

The video was captioned with the hashtag “#JobsNotMobs!”

“Democrats produce mobs and Republicans produce jobs!” President Trump stated while making an appearance in Montana.

While we are not sure who created the “Jobs Not Mobs” political ad, it was posted from a YouTube account called “TRUMP 2020.” A YouTube user named “JFord1984” posted the video to Twitter as a response to the President’s video.

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