Obama Caught Conning Taxpayers Out Of Another $174,000,000

Kirsters Baish| While the mainstream media may be ignoring one of the most recent news stories involving former President Barack Obama simply because it makes him look bad, we cannot sit back and be quiet. The most recent news involving the former President has to do with what is turning out to be a wonderful business deal… for Obama. You’re probably wondering who is footing the bill for a business deal that will fatten Obama’s pockets even further. Why, who other than the American taxpayer!

It’s no secret that the Obama Presidential Center has been causing some serious controversy. There have been plans to renovate both in and around Jackson Park of Chicago, a historic area. Conservative Tribune explains that Jackson Park has had a spot on the federal National Register of Historic Places since 1972. Some people in the area do not want to see things change.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that construction for the Presidential Center has recently started. Trees have been torn down and the park is being altered, even though the Obama Foundation promised that there would not be any major changes made until all legalities were ironed out. Legalities are still currently not taken care of, but construction has begun, despite Obama’s promise.

Due to a technicality, the Obama Presidential Center is being built, breaking the former President’s promise. Organizers of the project stated that they would be delaying work on the center, which will be placed on the 19.3 area lot. It seems that renovations on the area surrounding the center was not a part of the agreement.

Taking this all into account, the Obama Presidential Center shouldn’t be granted the ability to squeeze the American taxpayer for funding, but they are.

Conservative Tribune writes:

The Obama Center was originally pitched to be solely funded with private money. Obama was rightfully applauded for that decision.

About that… According to The Wall Street Journal, the Obama Center is anything but privately funded.

In fact, it’ll siphon a tidy $174 million at minimum from Illinois taxpayers for roadway and transit reconfigurations.

Lest you think this problem is localized to Illinois, it’s not. It’s typical for the federal government to reimburse up to 80 percent on that type of spending. In fact, Illinois officials confirmed to the WSJ that a cool $139 million from Washington is a simple request away.

The thing that makes this project such a sore spot for Americans is the fact that it seems more like a construction project that was solely launched to feed into former President Barack Obama’s ego.

The Obama Center won’t be run by the National Archives and Records Administration as previously built presidential libraries and similar construction projects have been. It has been reported that records and archives from the Obama administration will not be kept at the Obama Presidential Center.

The Obama Presidential Center will be run by the Obama Foundation… The Tribune explains that “the entire thing seems like simply a way for the Obama Foundation to groom and pump out young political leaders modeled after the 44th president.”

The worst part of the whole thing is that the Obama Presidential Center could have had at least one positive aspect if they were to pay back the city in real money, but the city of Chicago was only given a one-time payment of $1 for “rent” by the Obama Center. You read that correctly… $1. 19.3 acres was handed over to the Obama Center for a single dollar, and American taxpayers are left footing the bill for Obama’s vanity project.