Trump To Raving CNN Reporter After Asking Inappropriate Question: You’re BANNED

Kirsters Baish| Liberal CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins found herself banned from the President’s press briefing in the White House’s Rose Garden on Wednesday. Collins’ privilege to attend was taken away when she decided to ask “inappropriate” questions at the Oval Office spray. President Donald Trump met with President of EU Commission Jean Claude Juncker earlier in the day in the Oval Office in order to come to some kind of agreement on the subject of trade.

Multiple journalists sitting in the pool spray started asking the President questions. Collins was one of those reporters. Apparently she felt that it was an appropriate time to start asking questions about Michael Cohen and the newly discovered “secret tapes” while Juncker sat alongside Trump.

“Did Michael Cohen betray you, Mr. President?” Collins blurted out.

Collins also asked the President if he had concerns over what he thought Cohen might tell prosecutors.

CNN bashed the Trump administration for keeping Collins from attending the second event.

“Collins was told by White House deputy chief of staff for communications Bill Shine and press secretary Sarah Sanders that her questions were ‘inappropriate.’ They were not,” CNN wrote in an official statement.

Below is the CNN statement via CNN PR:

Take a look at the video below in which Kaitlan Collins can be seen yelling questions inside the Oval Office… all of which are about Cohen. The whole thing happened while President Donald Trump was sitting right next to Juncker.

This past Tuesday, the liberal news network released the private recording of Donald Trump and his personal lawyer Michael Cohen talking about how they were going to buy the rights of Karen McDougal’s story. The Playboy model had claimed that she had had a 2006 affair with the President. Trump never made any payment for the story.

CNN has become truly pathetic to watch. They are constantly airing Fake News, sending out their worst reporters to White House events, and their ratings have been tanking for some time now. It’s time for them to get back to reporting what they’re supposed to report on, the actual news.