Avenatti Document Leak: Mystery $8 Million Shows Up Out of Thin Air As Soon As Stormy Showed Up

Kirsters Baish| Everything about porn star Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, seems to be somewhat of a mystery, especially how he’s getting paid. Stormy has confirmed that she isn’t the one paying his fees, and from the way it looks Avenatti has been working around the clock on this particular case, so it doesn’t appear that he’s doing much work for other clients.

We are left wondering if whoever is paying Avenatti is associated with the DNC or any kind of Democratic political group. Why is this guy protecting Daniels? The big questions then comes up… how much is this guy taking to the bank when all is said and done?

Despite the fact that Avenatti can be seen on television most days, we still don’t have answers to these extremely important questions. Why does no one on CNN or MSNBC feel the need to ask him these questions? If he were defending a porn star who was bringing allegations against former President Barack Obama, would things be the same?

The lawyer has explained that all of his legal fees are being paid be either Daniels herself, or by crowdfunding via CrowdJusitce, which is an online platform in which people are able to give small donations towards legal causes.

He wrote in a statement which was posted to the Avenatti & Associates law firm’s Dropbox account, “Despite the fact that I have answered this repeatedly, many refuse to accept the answer.”

The statement continued, “Once again (for at least the 20th time) — ALL fees and expenses of this case have either been funded by our client, Ms. Stephanie Clifford (Stormy Daniels), or by donations from our crowdjustice.com page. Please read that if you are unclear. Read it again if need be. Keep reading it until you get it.”

Conservative Tribune reports:

As humorously Biff Tanner-like as that terse statement may be, there are several problems with it. First, while he’s busy banging journalists’ heads against the wall so that they’ll read what he had to say, he probably should instruct his own client to read it, since her own statements in the matter directly contradict this. And second, it doesn’t explain why he seems to have come into $8 million as the Daniels case began to explode earlier this year.

Robert Barnes took a closer look into tax information having to do with the law firm. He found that Avenatti had not paid taxes at all for the years 2014, 2015, and 2016, despite the fact that filings in a bankruptcy court stated that during this three year period, Avenatti’s firm took in around $30 million.

“In January 2018, (Michael Avenatti) got an unidentified source of income that allowed him to pay $4.85M to his law firm employees he defrauded, close to $2M in back taxes for payroll taxes on his law firm, and near another $1M to other creditors,” Barnes wrote in a tweet.

“Same time as: new client #StormyDaniels.”

Barnes’ statements have not yet been confirmed, however he provided a fairly damning piece of evidence… documents.

As seen in the document, Avenatti only declared $412,000 in assets in December of 2017, as well as over $19.4 million in liabilities. However, court documents that were filed less than a month later show that the lawyer disclosed that he came into $4.85 million when settling a fraud lawsuit that was brought about by members of a law firm that he was said to have defrauded, roughly $2 million in back payroll taxes on his law firm, and nearly to $1 million for his other creditors.

These numbers add up to almost $8 million that he apparently didn’t have in December of 2017. It comes down to this. Either Avenatti lied to the court when he listed his assets or he’s being paid $8 million for this gig.