After Attacking Trump & Calling Him a ‘Draft Dodging’ Coward, David Hogg Gets an EPIC Dose of Karma

Editors Note:  Hogg has witnessed an unspeakable tragedy and our hearts go out to him and his classmates.  We feel for his loss and respect his right to privacy.  However this young man is of the age of consent and now made himself a public figure and is using his platform to slander and defame those with opposing views with the hopes that his age will immunize him from criticism.  So far that has been the case, however it now looks like people have had enough and are beginning to call the young man out where he is mistaken … as he has asked them to.

We know we are risking being censored for posting criticisms of this tragedy survivor but it is important that his falsehoods are challenged.  We ask that everyone remain respectful and keep the debate about the issues.
WDF| Parkland School shooting survivor David Hogg has been on a liberal media tour over the past week, bashing the NRA, conservatives, and President Trump.

First, Hogg told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that he will “outlive” NRA supporters because they’re so old.

Then, Hogg called President Trump a “Draft Dodger” who is “owned” by the NRA.

But now conservatives have had enough.

Since the mainstream media won’t challenge Hogg on his assertions, thousands of Conservatives took to Twitter and started fighting back.

Hogg asked people to “prove him wrong” and they are taking him up on it.

Buck Sexton told Hogg to stop going around saying anyone who doesn’t agree with him “doesn’t care about children’s lives.” Sexton also challenged CNN to stop letting him make this claim.

Then, this Twitter user responded to Hogg calling Pres. Trump a draft dodger:

 The Reagan Battalion took issue with how little he is being challenged by CNN when he is making outrageous charges on their airwaves.

This user wondered whether or not Hogg has ever even blamed the shooter, or is it just Trump and the NRA’s fault?

Another Twitter user responded to Hogg’s mocking NRA members for being so “old.”  She calls him he’s disingenuous, which i’m not sure about, I think he’s just a High School kid who probably believes this stuff.

After Hogg defended Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, Ben Shapiro had heard enough. He issued this brutal  to Hogg’s claims on his podcast Monday.

Do you think the media should hold Hogg more accountable and challenge some of his allegations if they’re going to keep giving him a platform? Tell us below.

(We do not partake in, or condone any personal attacks on David Hogg or any of the Parkland shooting survivors. We are highlighting the responses to many of his claims he’s been making)