Watch Al Sharpton Flip His S*** On National TV After Seeing Crowd Of Black Americans Wearing MAGA Hats

We all know that the Reverend Al Sharpton is a liberal race-baiter. The man can barely get through a public appearance or television guest spot without openly race-baiting the audience. The problem with being a hypocrite, a bigot, and a liar is that you usually get called out for it.

That’s exactly what happened when Reverend Al Sharpton decided to make an empty claim about President Trump.

BizPac Review reported that the President graciously hosted Turning Points USA’s Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House. Al Sharpton, however, appeared on MSNBC and claimed, “It’s one of the lowest things he could ever do.”

“To go in the East Room, which is sacred, have a staged rally. Notice that all of those youngsters had caps on. It was almost like we’re going to dress you for the photo. And to call it a young black leader summit ….”

Take a look:

Sharpton’s ignorant statements about President Trump and the young African Americans who took part in the Conservative summit was called out in a ruthless fashion by social media users. Twitter users blasted Sharpton for the comments.

“Rand Nationalist Wilkinson” tweeted, “And Sharpton accuses Trump of ‘dressing up’ young black conservatives in MAGA hats. Dems have been dressing up blacks in poverty, crime, racial hatred, fatherlessness, etc. for generations.”

In another tweet Wilkinson wrote, “What a worthless racist Sharpton is! Does he really think all these wonderful young people are so weakened by generations of dems lording it it over them that they allow POTUS and conservatives to ‘dress them up’ in MAGA hats? His hate and ignorance defines the problem distinctly.”

The comments against Sharpton continued:

Critics were also displeased with Sharpton’s behavior in general:

Conservative Tribune writes, “It is a popular saying that if you want to know what the left is doing, look at what they are accusing the right of doing. It has been shown, more than once, that the left pays protesters and rally attendees. Just because they do it, does not mean the right does it. Perhaps the right doesn’t need to pay people to show up. Regardless, Sharpton’s degrading comment about the black youth in attendance was unbefitting someone who is purported to be a black leader. How sad that rather than encouraging black youths in their quest for striving for excellence as leaders, he chose to attempt to shame them, instead.”

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