Anti-Trump Coup Leader Peter Strzok’s Worst Nightmare Comes True As House Formally Subpoenas Him To Testify In Public Open Session

Elder Patriot – Earlier today House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte announced via Twitter that he had secured a subpoena for the FBI agent who was at the center of tanking the Clinton email investigation and fabricating the Trump-Russia investigation, Peter Strzok.

The subpoena calls for Strzok, a former senior official in the FBI’s counterintelligence division, to testify in open session on Tuesday, July 10, 2018 at 10:00 a.m.  Members of both Goodlatte’s Judiciary committee and  Trey Gowdy’s Oversight and Government Reform committee will have a chance to question Strzok at that time.

Don’t expect much from this session.  According to CNN, Strzok’s attorney, Altan Goelman said that date would not work — and raised the possibility he would not return to speak with the panel at all.”

Goelman added:

“Having sharpened their knives behind closed doors, the committee would now like to drag back Special Agent Strzok and have him testify in public — a request that we originally made and the committee denied.  What’s being asked of Special Agent Strzok is to participate in what anyone can recognize as a trap.”

That would be funny if Strzok hadn’t been such a scumbag and this wasn’t so serious.  After all, it was Strzok who orchestrated the “insurance policy” to guarantee Trump would never become president.

The posturing by Goelman suggests that Strzok is up shit’s creek without a paddle and his attorney doesn’t want to risk adding any fuel to the fire.  One would’ve thought that an experienced law enforcement agent like Strzok would’ve been smart enough to cut a deal when the opportunity first presented itself.

We’ve already seen a massive trove of evidence in the initial I.G. Report so perhaps the evidence was so overwhelming that no deal was offered to Strzok.

It’s already widely acknowledged by insiders that there are dozens of other officials from the CIA, the DOJ, the FBI, DNI Clapper, and the Obama White House that also will not escape prosecution.  

That leaves us with this conclusion; It’s likely that Goelman realizes that Strzok is as screwed as he can get and he has no leverage with which to soften his fate.  Frankly, he deserves everything that’s coming to him. His actions were those of a traitor.

Just don’t expect any fireworks next Tuesday.  Hopefully you’ll get to enjoy some tomorrow instead.