There Was Just Another ‘Mass Shooting’ With An ‘Assault Rifle’, But the Mainstream Media is Ignoring it … Why?

Kirsters Baish| There was another mass shooting in Illinois last week, but the mainstream media has been ignoring it, which is unusual for liberal news networks that continuously use shootings as a political tool to push gun control. Perhaps the reason that the mainstream media hasn’t been reporting on the shooting is because the suspect is not a white male. The 22-year-old black male suspect named Raheem D. King shot down three people using an “assault rifle.”

The mainstream media isn’t reporting on King’s rampage because he doesn’t fit the profile that supports their narrative.  The incident involved a black man shooting what we suspect are black victims.  Neither of these elements further the MSM’s narrative.  Because of this, we do not plan on seeing this story dominate the MSM news cycle for the weeks to come.

From Downtrend:

If a white guy, using what liberals call an assault weapon, shot and killed 3 people on a bus, it would be huge news with tons of outrage and plenty of liberals calling the NRA terrorists. A black guy used what liberals call an assault weapon to murder 3 people (qualifies as a mass shooting) on a bus in Illinois and nobody on the left gives a crap. Have we reached the point were mass shootings are only bad when white people do them? It appears so.

Early on Saturday morning, three people were killed on an adult-themed charter. The shooter was also on board of the bus. Raheem is at large and is considered to be dangerous. He is wanted on four counts of first degree murder. If this man murdered three people, we are left wondering where the fourth count of murder came from.

‘Assault rifle’ in hand, King began to open fire in the cabin of the bus while it was in the area of Auburn Street and North Johnson Avenue.

Rockford Register reported that not long after the shooting, passengers on the bus left by foot. Police reported that they were not sure immediately how many people were on the bus at the time of the shooting. The Register wrote, “The bus driver called 911 shortly before 3:30 a.m. after traveling more than a mile from the shooting site to the 400 block of North Springfield Avenue, O’Shea said. That’s where he met with police after parking the Distinguished Gentleman private entertainment bus in a fuel lane at the Mobil gas station, 453 N. Springfield Ave.” reported that the names of the three victims have not yet been released to the public. The Winnebago County Coroner’s Office is conducting the autopsies and will notify the families. Coroner Bill Hintz would not comment on details about the three victims or the number of gunshot wounds each victim suffered. The victims have been confirmed to all be adults.

The left will continue to use millennials as pawns to help their narrative, even when millennials don’t know anything about the stuff they’re talking about. If you’re even remotely doubting that, watch the video below: