Anonymous Hackers Release Ultimatum For Censorship King Zuckerberg & His Facebook

Kirsters Baish| Anonymous sent an important message to Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently, and it had a clear intention: to make us think about where social media is headed.

Anonymous News writes:

What will it feel like to step outside and walk around in the year 2028? Will people stay stuck on the exact same, monopoly social media websites, video sharing websites, and operating systems, or will something different come out? Could the same powers that conduct surviellance through the current social media infrastructure secretly cooperate with some new “Facebook” that rises up out of its ashes, while people who theorize about this are denigrated as conspiracy theorists?

It’s 2018: the future is still coming, and without making it contrived people need to anticipate how it will be to preserve our freedom and peace.

Take a look at Anonymous’ Facebook message to the social media giant’s founder and CEO:

Transcript provided by

“Greetings Citizens of the world, We are Anonymous.

Mark Zuckerberg. At this time, the alternative media which has been given a platform to exist by your social media network has been crushed, and reduced to reaching only the most dedicated followers of each page, causing once great alternative media websites to go under because they can’t get enough financial support.

We know that you may face extreme pressure from the US government and its alphabet agencies, from the NATO coalition and who knows whatever world powers, to stifle the reach of controversial, independent media articles.

However, it boils down to this: the only benefit of your platform was that it was once possible for incredible pieces of underground content to go viral on it. The only benefit of Facebook is that you can find interesting and probably not easy to find pieces of content on it, right?


Well your platform is about to get so stale, and so devoid of good content, it’s going to further intensify the exodus from Facebook that is taking place and it will ultimately lead to the death of your prized website if you submit to the will of the government and allow this censorship to continue.

I don’t know who is in your pockets, or threatening you or what is going on, but they better be paying you more than you’d get paid to have greater success with Facebook, because the continued censorship of alternative media is about to kill the final wave of good content that Facebook had to offer.

On top of all this, your website will probably never collapse fully because it seems to be backed by the alphabet agencies (NSA, CIA) and fully tapped into a network of surveillance, that will only continue to grow. Like a drug addict abusing the very remnants of their brain’s ability to produce dopamine and serotonin, people will stay addicted to your website, but it will be so stale, it won’t even be worth it.

Like a plant with no water and no sunlight, artificially surviving on some ghetto Miracle Grow chemicals, your platform will be supported by nothing but the “system” itself soon, if you continue to sacrifice the potential greatness of Facebook for whatever you are receiving in exchange for all this surveillance potential.

However, it would be naive to think that you’d ever change your mind, or back down from whatever deal you made with whoever you made it with. We know you’re not going to change.

Some of us actually see the full picture. In countries like Australia, biometric technology is about to become a lot scarier. In Australia, government ID’s are going to require facial recognition features soon with the “MyGovID.”

Eventually in this country and many others, CCTV surveillance cameras will recognize individuals by their government-identified faces as they walk past, and some central power will be given the ability to know exactly which people are on the street at a particular moment, at all times.

It will inevitably become illegal to cover one’s face in public, in countries like Australia where government ID’s may be linked to facial recognition, and public CCTV cameras are equipped with it and wired to the authorities.

Anybody exercising simple freedom, harming nobody but “breaking the law,” could be persecuted to an extent that can hardly be imagined with this paradigm of facial recognition.

This is where Facebook comes into play. The government doesn’t even really need to force a biometric ID on people like in Australia, if they tap into the data accessed by Facebook.

Facebook data is increasingly being used in court cases, and that will surely rise to the point where even the most secretive information collected by Facebook, possibly years prior, could be used to convict people.

People need to see this in its full perspective: total control, technocracy, a surveillance grid with very real consequences is looming over the horizon, and Mark Zuckerberg, you’re set to go down in history as a man who sold his soul to usher in this very grim reality.

So Mark, are you going to let this be the mark you made on the world, or will you try and stand up to this? We already know the answer unfortunately.”

Anonymous made it crystal clear that Zuckerberg had better rethink his dedication to whatever government agency or powerful organization is funneling money to him and telling him how to operate his social media platform. Anonymous explained that Facebook allows the government to find all different kinds of information on just about anyone. Facebook is aiding in the complete takeover of the government. With facial recognition and CCTV surveillance cameras, Anonymous explains that the government will know where anyone is at any given time eventually. This harsh reality is coming sooner rather than later. Zuckerberg is, in part, responsible for this grim reality.

At the end of the PSA, Anonymous made a point of knocking Zuckerberg for not having the backbone to stand up to the corrupt demands.