Angela Merkel’s G7 Photo Went Viral… But There’s Another Photo That She Didn’t Share

Kirsters Baish| A photo was shared by German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday that made its way all around the internet. The photo was of a group meeting that took place during the G7 summit. As the summit was coming to a close, President Trump was leaving to make his way to Singapore to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

It seems that Merkel thought that by posting the picture and writing underneath it “spontaneous meeting between two working sessions,” she was some kind of political tough guy.

It wasn’t much of a surprise to see a bunch of leftists use the post to hate on President Donald Trump. They acted as if she had yelled at Trump and as if he was not interested in what was going on in the meeting. In an interesting contrast, GOp and supporters of President Trump saw something very different. They saw that Trump was the one with all of the power in the crowded room.

The mainstream media did what the mainstream media always does. They made the image something that it most definitely was not.

Diamond and Silk wrote of the matter:

And perspective drawn by much of mainstream media has a distinct anti-Trump and anti-GOP bias.

Because there was another photo, taken about the same time, from the same angle that she didn’t share and didn’t go viral.

With good reason. Because it appeared not to fit the narrative the media was trying to pitch at all, with Merkel laughing with Trump, who is leaning forward clearly very engaged.

Take a look at this one, where Justin Trudeau is not cropped out. The room appears to be more balanced, making it seem like Trump is on a side of the table by himself.

Just looking at the image from a different angle changes the entire thing. Take a look at what went down from another angle.

Fabian Reinbold explained that there are different perspectives from the different teams.

Some compared it to Obama’s G7.

They did not notice, however, that no one is even looking at Obama. It’s pretty darn obvious too. Isn’t this just so reminiscent of his presidency? He was constantly trying to please all of the other world leaders, while they ignored him. They didn’t care about him at all. He was desperate to fit in with them, and they didn’t want him.

It’s obvious that the G6 are aware that Trump is nothing like former President Barack Obama. They are dealing with a very different man.

Merkel isn’t the one making the rules anymore. There’s a new POTUS in town, and he doesn’t take bull from anyone.