MLK Jr’s Niece, Alveda King, Just Called Out Maxine Waters For Race Pimping In Epic Statement

Kirsters Baish| You may know Alveda king as human rights activist Martine Luther King Jr.’s niece, but she is much more than that. King’s actions speak volumes about class and integrity. She has been working extremely hard to make a name for herself and pave her own path, and for that, she deserves some praise.

In a stark comparison, Democratic California Representative Maxine Waters might be the most dishonest person in Washington. The truth doesn’t mean a thing to Waters. Civility? She’s never heard of it. All she cares about is taking down President Trump, no matter what means she must go to do to so.

Maxine has a long history of race baiting. In her eyes, everything in our world can be traced back to race. She thinks that every single news story has some kind of racial twist. The way Martin Luther King Jr. worked was the exact opposite of this.

Alveda King had some words for Waters and everyone else who thinks the same way.

The Daily Caller reported that King stated, “Congressman Waters is on the wrong frequency,”of the heated debate between Representative Kelly and Representative Waters. She went on, “The skin color thing, trying to equate a person’s skin color to their race.” She then added that Kelly is actually “right when he’s saying the nation needs help, the nation is in trouble.”

King explained that Maxine was “playing the race card again.” She explained that the only way Americans will “learn to live together as brothers, and I’ll add as sisters” is to “get past that skin color argument.”

“Our blood is red, of one blood God made all people to live together on the face of the Earth.”

King went on to say that Waters knows “we are all one race,” however she continues “to play the race card again.” King went on, “the job market is up, unemployment is down” and “Americans are getting opportunities to go back to work.”

She couldn’t be more right.

In case you missed it, Alveda King is talking about the exchange between the two representatives which took place last week.

Fox News reports:

The two lawmakers battled on the House floor last week while debating if the automotive industry discriminates against women and people of color.

“Stop talking about discrimination and start talking more about the nation,” Kelly said. “We’re coming together as a people in spite of what you say,” Kelly said.

Waters responded that she was “more offended as an African-American woman than you will ever be” at what he had said.

“And this business about making America great again: It is your president that’s dividing this country,” Waters said.

Representative Kelly stated to Brian Kilmeade that Waters’ goal is to divide America, not unite us.

Omar Navarro is running against Maxine Waters. He hopes to “give the people of the 43rd an independent voice in Congress- not one beholden to special interests and career politicians.” His website lays out what the Republican candidate is all about. Take a look here.