Alert: Israel Blasts Iran With 70 Missiles in Huge Overnight Attack – WW3 Concerns At All Time High

Kirsters Baish| Israel showed Iran what they were made of after Iran fired roughly twenty rockets at Israel at the Golan Heights from Syria on Wednesday. Israel’s response? To send 70 missiles right toward Iranian military and intelligence sites, which killed “at least 23 fighters.”

The Sun reports that the strike hit “nearly every target.” The missiles were launched in response to the “20 rockets” that Iranian Quds Force fired at Israel, Israeli military chiefs stated.

Five Syrian soldiers, which included two officers, as well as 18 militia fighters were killed in the attack, as reported by the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

It is almost certain that the death toll will be much higher as some of those wounded in the attacks are currently in critical condition and may not pull through, explained a spokesman for the group. reports:

The Observatory believes the strikes targeted suspected locations of the Lebanese Hezbollah group, as well as areas where Iranian advisers are believed to be based.
The Iron Dome defense protected Israel and no one was hurt in the attack on Israel.

The Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said, “If it rains in Israel it will pour in Iran.” But he followed that up by saying that this would be a limited confrontation, presumably as long as Iran got the message to stop.

Israel and the Iranian/Hezbollahs have gone back and forth over the last couple of weeks, but this is the largest strike by far that has been brought about on Iranian-related targets.

British PM Theresa May condemned the Iranian attacks on Israel and tried to push Russian President Vladmir Putin to use his influence in order to stop the attacks. “Israel has every right to defend itself,” her spokesman stated. They called on Iran to stop the attacks.

The fighting between Israel and Iran started last week prior to President Trump’s announcement of his decision to ultimately pull out of the Iran Nuclear Deal on Monday. President Trump labeled the deal as “defective at its core.” He promised that sanctions are in the near future and warned Iran to steer clear of reviving their nuclear program.

Iran responded as Iran would.

Hysterical demonstrators in the Iranian capital of Tehran burned American flags while they protested against President Trump’s decision.

Ministers were caught burning United States paper flags in the Middle Eastern nation’s parliament as shouted “death to America”.

Take a look at the news report below: