After Trying To Destroy Laura Ingraham David Hogg Turns His Sights On His Next Victim

Kirsters Baish| Parkland shooting survivor turned anti-Second Amendment activist David Hogg has been making headlines around the United States since he called for his followers to boycott Laura Ingraham’s show in addition to having them boycott all of her advertisers. Hogg is being supported by corrupt multibillionaire George Soros’ Media Matters. The president of Media Matters has has since implied that his goal was taking down Fox News in general.

Hogg has since publicly refused to accept the Fox News host’s apology. He stated that until Ingraham denounced her employer, he would not be forgiving her.

Business Insider reported that Hogg stated, “I will only accept your apology only if you denounce the way your network has treated my friends and I in this fight. It’s time to love thy neighbor, not mudsling at children.”

This is a kid who has continued to bully and curse at millions of innocent Americans simply for their belonging to the NRA. He has labeled millions of innocents as “child killers.” Ingraham’s highlighting Hogg’s announcement and subsequent whining about not getting into college were nothing compared to the things done to others. He’s also called all NRA members, “pathetic f*ckers who don’t know how to do democracy so we have to do it for them.”

Numerous advertisers have pulled their ads from Ingraham’s show, which include Nutrish, Trip Adviser, Wayfair, Expedia, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson, Liberty Mutual, and Hulu, even though Ingraham apologized for her comments.

Hogg even went after Arby’s, another one of Ingraham’s advertisers.

From Daily Caller:

In a series of tweets late Thursday evening hog went after Arby’s for their advertising on Ingraham’s show. Hogg went as far as to publish the private names and emails of executives at Arby’s to pressure them into pulling their advertisements.

The tweets have since been deleted but the screen grab above was captured by Business Insider.

Multiple influential followers of Hogg followed suit, tweeting Arby’s executive board information.

No public figure should be publishing personal information on the internet if they don’t want the media covering it.  Every other post on his Twitter feed is a call to action or to alert the media to act in some manner.  Hogg put himself out there, he is now the face of the movement to rewrite the Constitution, he’s well aware anything he posts will be scrutinized on the national level, Ingraham just happened to be the one to do it.

There’s an important underlying question here. Who gave Hogg those emails? reported:

Someone must have told Hogg this was a no-no, as he later pulled down the tweet but not before it had been shared by his thousands of followers. Multiple influential accounts then also tweeted it out.

Business Insider got a screengrab showing he did it.

Arby’s has not yet commented on the boycott or Hogg posting their executive’s emails.