After Treasonous Defector Tries To Sabotage Trump, He Strikes Back, Makes Promise To America

Kirsters Baish| President Donald Trump is no stranger to social media. In fact, he has been known to use Twitter as an outlet to get his messages across, and with his large following, why not? Late on Wednesday evening, Trump was at it again. He took to Twitter to tell his supporters (and everyone else for that matter) that he was draining the swamp in Washington. He wrote, “I’m draining the Swamp, and the Swamp is trying to fight back. Don’t worry, we will win!”

The President sent out the tweet just a couple of hours after the New York Times published an op-ed piece, which was written anonymously by a supposed senior Trump administration official, describing a situation in which members of the White House are actually working together to conspire against the President. The author claimed that it was for the good of America.

The President called the op-ed piece treasonous, demanding that the New York Times reveal the name of the person who wrote it.

Trump wrote on Twitter, “TREASON?”

Then he wrote, “Does the so-called ‘Senior Administration Official” really exist, or is it just the Failing New York Times with another phony source? If the GUTLESS anonymous person does indeed exist, the Times must, for National Security purposes, turn him/her over to government at once!”

Trump also spoke on the op-ed during his comments to the White House press corps while also standing in front of a group of sheriffs who were at the White House for a meeting with the President.