Actor Who Played “Bozo the Clown” Passes Away at Age 89

Kirsters Baish| Many people harbor fond memories involving their first experiences with cable television and a program called “Bozo’s Circus” with a character named “Bozo the Clown.” Kids dreamed of making their way onto the show one day as a lucky winner. People all over America were heartbroken to hear that the actor who played the loved character had passed away.

Frank Avruch died this past Tuesday. He was 89 years old. The cause of death was heart disease. Avruch spent a lot of time as a Boston television personality and entertainer. His most famous role was Bozo the Clown, which he payed from 1959 to 1970.

Bozo the Clown was a character which started gaining popularity in the 1960s. Over the years, the show became known as “Bozo’s Circus,” “The Bozo Show,” “The Bozo Super Sunday Show,” and then became an animated series.