ABC Finally Pays the Price After Joy Behar’s Savage Attack of Christianity on ’The View’

Kirsters Baish| Co-host of “The View,” Joy Behar has really made herself look like a total fool this time. She made a disgusting comparison between Christianity and mental illness during last Tuesday’s show. ABC network has received more than 25,000 complaint calls since Behar made the comparison on air.

It was reported by the Media Research Center watchdog group that the tally of more than 25,000 came in on Monday morning.

The segment during which Behar made the statement was the same segment that included a back and forth about Vice President Mike Pence’s faith. The conversation was based on recent comments that were made by former White House staff Omarosa Manigault.

Manigault spoke to Vanity Fair saying, “He’s extreme. I’m Christian. I love Jesus, but he thinks Jesus tells him to say things. And I’m like, ‘Jesus ain’t say that.’”

Co-host Sunny Hostin started off by observing, “I think what’s interesting is she says that Jesus tells Mike Pence things to say.”

She went on to expand on Pence saying, “When you have a Mike Pence that now puts this religious veneer on things and who calls people values voters, I think we’re in a dangerous situation. Look I’m Catholic. I’m a faithful person, but I don’t know that I want my vice president, um — speaking in tongues and having Jesus speak to him.”

Behar jokingly claimed, “Like I said before, it’s one thing to talk to Jesus. It’s another thing when Jesus talks to you.”

“Exactly. That’s different,” Hostin answered.

“That’s called mental illness, if I’m not correct. Hearing voices,” claimed Behar.

The reality is that the Bible records the Gospel of John which says that Jesus said of born again believers, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me.”

He went on to call himself a good shepherd, “And when (a good shepherd) brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. Yet they will by no means follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers.”

Vice President Pence responded to the talk show host’s comments about his faith during an interview which aired on “Fox & Friends” this past Monday.

Vice President Pence was asked by host Ainsley Earhardt, “Is it hypocrisy that Liberals, Democrats, mainstream media, they preach tolerance, but yet when someone wants to be a Christian and says that God speaks to them, they have a problem with that?”

Pence answered Earhardt by saying that he is very used to being criticized. He explained, “But when I heard that ABC had a program that likened my Christianity to mental illness, I just couldn’t be silent.”

He went on, “Look, my Christian faith is probably the most important thing in my life. I do try and start every day reading the Bible. My wife and I try and have a prayer together before I leave the house every morning. But I do think I’m a very typical American.”

“I think (Behar’s comment) is evidence of how out of touch some in the mainstream media are with the faith and values of the American people,” Pence was quoted saying.

ABC is finally being exposed for the out of touch bunch of idiots that they truly are. Americans are sick and tired of taking crap from liberal hosts like Joy Behar, and they aren’t about to sit back and allow this kind of disrespect to continue. Why is it that the left thinks that it is okay to subject Christians to hatred and make Christians the butt of all of their jokes, but when it comes to Muslims, the rules change? ABC’s brand is going to take a serious hit with this one, and I don’t see them coming back from this one any time soon.