ABC Cancels Roseanne for Racist Tweet, But Remember This Video Of Jimmy Kimmel Dressed Up In Blackface? Why Is He Still The Face Of Network?

Kirsters Baish| I think most of us can agree that ABC had to take some kind of action after actress/comedienne Roseanne Barr sent out a racist tweet aimed toward Obama aide Valerie Jarrett. The New York Times reports that Barr tweeted that Jarrett looked as if the “muslim brotherhood & planet of the apes had a baby.” Clearly this kind of behavior isn’t appropriate, but neither is dressing in blackface on national television, which is precisely what liberal talk show host Jimmy Kimmel did… The only difference is that Kimmel still has a show on the ABC network and Barr no longer does.

If this doesn’t prove the hypocrisy of the left, I don’t know what does.

The left idolizes Kimmel, and he is often considered to be a kind of king of late night television. He is constantly spewing the liberal rhetoric that Donald Trump is evil and that Conservatives are greedy, etc. He is constantly talking about politics. The thing is, the left tries to hide Kimmel’s past, but the video is all over the internet, and it will eventually destroy Kimmel.

Kimmel wasn’t always the host of “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” He used to work on “The Man Show,” alongside costar Adam Corolla. Anyone trying to make an argument against Kimmel should just take a look at the total lack of political correctness he displayed while working on the show. The man practically groped women and sexually harassed them on the streets. That’s not all, however. Kimmel went so far as to dress in blackface for a skit which involved then-player for the NBA’s Utah Jazz, Karl Malone.

Conservative Tribune explained of the sketch, “Malone was known to speak his mind on a number of subjects, often without a filter, and that provided the media with a but of humor. However, this bizarre sketch involving Malone and what he believes about aliens — and namely, where they probe — goes a bit too far in mocking not only Malone but also his manner of speaking in a way that could very obviously be considered racist.”

Kimmel has never even apologized for the sketch.

If you haven’t already seen it, you can watch it below:

Jimmy Kimmel is being paid $15 million per year, as reported by CNBC. We never heard Kimmel apologize for any of the sexual harassment that he displayed on “The Man Show.” On top of that, he continues to act this way. He recently had to apologize after making homophobic comments while engaging in a debate with Fox News’ Sean Hannity via Twitter.

The media barely said a word. You can bet that if Kimmel was a Trump supporter there would have been a big stink about it, and it would have been the focus of the news for weeks, if not months.

So, Roseanne Barr loses her entire show for making a single comment, but Jimmy Kimmel still has a show on ABC, and on top of that people love him. For a group who cry about people being privileged, the left sure do play favorites.