“A Truly Pathetic Human Being”: Comey Slammed After ABC Interview

Kirsters Baish| After former FBI Director James Comey’s interview with ABC News this week, Conservatives on Twitter went ballistic. Former White House Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka wen so far as to call James Comey “a truly pathetic human being.”

The former FBI Director was interviewed by ABC host George Stephanopoulos. During the interview, Comey claimed that President Trump was “morally unfit” to have the position of president and he “lies constantly.”

Conservatives immediately took to Twitter to express their anger, and Trump’s former assistant Sebastian Gorka was one of the first to post.

Esteemed Fox News host Sean Hannity shifted his anger towards former Clinton operative Stephanopoulos for having given Comey numerous softball questions.

The Fox News host finished off by writing that “journalism isn dead.” He also stated that this was “the worst interview I have ever watched in my life.”

There were others who felt that James Comey’s claim that he did not allow his political preferences or persuasions cloud his judgement was falsified even though Comey’s whole family supported Hillary Clinton. His wife and daughters even went to Women’s March rallies, and his wife claimed that she cried on election day when it was announced that Donald Trump had won the race.

“Comey says he did not want to be political, yet so far every decision appears based on the assumption that he expected her to win. Why was that assumption a factor in anything?” questioned Martha MacCallum.

Charlie Kirk wanted to know when it would finally be that the former FBI Director would be held responsible for his actions when it came to the Hillary Clinton email probe.

James A. Gagliano, a law enforcement analyst who works for CNN, explained that the interview only showed Comey as being a “feckless leader.”

There were some who bashed Comey, calling him a leaker.

“Comey claims the dossier didn’t ‘leak’ because it wasn’t government information. Yet Comey’s FBI used it to obtain a wiretap on an American by saying it was prepared by a government informant and hiding its source from a federal court,” stated Sean Davis.

Fox News analyst Greg Jarrett felt that James Comey should be facing obstruction of justice charges, not President Trump.