Israel Reveals Proof Iran Lied About Nuclear Deal, Obama’s Team’s Response Is Infuriating & Absurd

Kirsters Baish| The Iran Deal was a mistake from the git go, and all rationally thinking Americans knew this. Iran cannot be trusted, and we all know that it would have to be a cold day in hell for them to give up their nuclear program, especially to someone like former President Barack Obama. He is just about the least intimidating person there is.

Somehow, we have seen Obama’s buddies all over the internet saying for months how wonderful the Iran Deal was.

Ben Rhodes has taken the cake as the most infamous Obama crony boasting about the ridiculous deal. Take a look at his tweet from last week:

We were provided with some more news involving the Iran Deal on Monday that Rhodes isn’t going to be thrilled about. Israel has provided us with proof that Iran has been lying about the entire thing.

The Washington Examiner reports:

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a dramatic news conference on Monday to accuse Iran of lying about its covert nuclear weapons program, the basis for his presentation was a vast trove of 110,000 files that were, insanely, smuggled out of a secret Iranian storage facility by Israeli intelligence agents.

At a time when some have questioned whether modern Israeli intelligence agencies are living up to their mythical status, this “Mission Impossible”-style operation is quite a message to its skeptics.

He explained that said files include documents, presentations, blueprints, charts, photographs, and videos. He stated that the United States had backed up the authenticity of the files. There were actually details about Iran’s nuclear weapons program in the files, however, Iran has denied it all. The files were proof that Iran has been lying all along.

Obama’s response said it all. He didn’t respond. Period.

Breitbart reported that all of those who supported the Iran Deal fell silent when the news broke that Israel had evidence against Iran. In 2015, former Secretary of State John Kerry stated that the United States had “absolute knowledge” of Iran’s previous military uses of nuclear research. When the news broke, he fell totally silent on his Twitter account.

Breitbart said, Former UN Ambassador Samantha Power, who urged Congress not to reject the Iran deal in 2015, was active on Twitter, but said nothing about the new revelations about Iran. Former National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor — one of the co-founders of the ‘Obama bros.’ podcast, Pod Save America, found time to call Trump an ‘idiot’ on Twitter, but said nothing about the Iran news.”

Rhodes was the one who actually established the deal’s “echo chamber.” He had nothing to say either. Silence speaks volumes.

Fox News also reported on the matter, reporting, “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed new ‘dramatic’ intelligence Monday which he claimed shows Iran is ‘brazenly lying’ about its nuclear weapons program and shows the country is not complying with the vaunted nuclear deal it signed in 2015. The information was obtained within the past 10 days, Israeli officials told Fox News. Netanyahu said the ‘half a ton’ of files were moved to a ‘highly secret’ location in Tehran after the deal was signed, and contained materials spread over 55,000 pages and 55,000 files on 183 CD’s.”

Netanyahu stated, “These files conclusively prove that Iran is brazenly lying when it says it never had a nuclear weapons program.”

He then showed what he stated was “an exact copy” of the original materials. He claimed that the originals are in a “very safe place.” He also showed extremely incriminating documents, charts, presentations, blueprints, and photos.