Fmr Secret Service: McCabe Will Have No Choice But to Give Up Everything to Congress – Including Obama

Elder Patriot – The key to any investigation is finding the weak link and then applying pressure to it until it breaks.  With his firing yesterday will that be now deposed FBI Assistant Deputy Direct Andrew McCabe?

Less than twenty-four hours after having reviewed the memo that outlines criminal behavior by high-ranking FBI and DOJ officials, FBI Director Christopher Wray fired him.  Sources have told us McCabe’s name is all over the four-page memo.

Wray was appointed by President Trump and is sufficiently distanced from the wrongdoing, that took place with the intention of destroying Donald Trump, that he can act without prejudice. 

The fact that he was confirmed with broad bi-partisan support, 92-5, means it might not be smart for Democrats to assail him as a Russian operative as they have taken to doing with everyone else who questions the Mueller probe.

Had Trump allowed James Comey to continue as FBI director the conspiracy that took root at the FBI under his watch would never have been uncovered.  That is because evidence is beginning to lead directly to the White House and Barack Obama.  That means Comey had to be the conspiracy’s conduit to either Loretta Lynch or the President himself.

Patriot Dan Bongino pointed out that when, and if, McCabe is brought before Congress he will have little choice but to reveal the scope and participants involved in the conspiracy.

If McCabe refuses to co-operate he can be stripped of his pension and, with his integrity already in ruins, he will have little to offer potential employers.

If McCabe doesn’t take a deal, someone else will.  He would be smart to take a deal and save himself and the country what promises to be a very ugly stretch for America.  The longer this goes on the worse it will get for the party he broke the law for in the first place.

I don’t usually revel in other peoples’ problems but in McCabe’s case  it’s hard not to.