Everyone Blaming Trump & Losing Their Minds Over McCabe’s Firing is Missing This HUGE Detail

Kirsters Baish| The anti-Trump mainstream media have claimed that Andrew McCabe was simply done out of spite. They claim that this is a clear example of how vindictive President Trump has become. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The mainstream media continues to push this ridiculous narrative. When Attorney General Jeff Sessions officially fired the deputy director of the FBI this week, the left began to push even harder.

It’s an easy narrative to push since McCabe was only a day away from retirement. His retirement would have given him full federal benefits at the taxpayer’s expense. There is one very important detail about McCabe’s firing that the mainstream media keeps ignoring.

The left believes that the Trump administration should have just ignored the fact that McCabe misled the Department of Justice. They wanted to let McCabe receive his full retirement package.

I guess liberals think that taking taxpayer money from American citizens and putting it towards someone’s retirement fund who two government agencies recommend be fired is just fine. Somehow they still can’t seem to follow through with an internal investigation.