66 People Shot in Chicago … Mainstream Media Silent

Kirsters Baish| Headlines in Chicago are all about the growing violent crime rates. Fox News reported that President Donald Trump’s lawyer and former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani described the shootings that took place in Chicago this past weekend, the “direct result of one party Democratic rule for decades.” The shootings resulted in 11 deaths and roughly 70 injured. Victims ranged in ages from 11 to 63 years old.

Fox wrote that the shootings took place in mostly poor neighborhoods located on the South and West Sides. These areas have heavy gang influence, as reported by Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson. He explained, “It is the same people who are pulling the triggers. This is a small subset of individuals who think they can play by their own rules because they continue to get a slap on the wrist when we arrest them.”

Anonymous had a slightly different take on the whole situation.

Anonews.com reports, “Sure, Rahm Emmanuel, the Mayor of Chicago is related to extremely powerful Israeli people and he’s corrupt … They’re all enemies to the class of people actually suffering from the violence in Chicago, and all of these people are just like vultures in this scenario, hungry for the chance to take some action in Chicago against some criminals who just ‘get a slap on the wrist.’ It doesn’t require ‘more force’ to catch some criminals, and it’s not that simple: no one was arrested for these shootings even if you do believe in government. Almost everyone who tries to understand this situation outside of America will fail to do so. Even those in America who don’t communicate with Chicago residents witnessing this may not know what is going on.”

Chicago has been riddled with crime since the beginning. It’s a city that is known for its violence. People need to process that these shootings are mostly concentrated to certain areas. The South and West Sides of Chicago are two of the most violent areas in the entire city, where the majority of crime takes place.

Videos that people from these violent neighborhoods have uploaded to the internet show them speaking out against the violence, warning of military-style weapons being dropped off by the crate-load in the bad parts of Chicago.

Take a look:

Let’s get into specifics. To clarify, it appears that he was talking about train cars of guns being left on the tracks, with their contents easily available to steal.

Another thing that the mainstream media continues to ignore is that the music industry (predominantly rap) promotes the negative parts of African American culture. Just look at Migos:

If you’ve never heard of a Drill before, it’s a sub-genre of rap which comes out of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago. The genre focuses on gang rivalries that have been going on for years, mostly between the GD’s (Gangster Disciples) and the BD’s (Black Disciples). These two gangs were formed in the early 1960s.

For 60 years these violent criminals have been on the streets in Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Anonymous writes:

In popular culture, the warfare between people of the same color, class, culture, and everything is promoted and glorified to tell the truth.

This is an album cover for “Walking Legend” by Fredo Santana, a rapper from Englewood, Chicago who was basically born into a Black Disciple family. That’s him as a baby being held by his father. As you can see, he was born into it.

Every man makes the decision for himself in the end whether to sacrifice morality in life for whatever they aspire to attain, but the factor of being born into this is undeniable.

A trap has been set for all the young men and women in all neighborhoods across America that are plagued with poverty and drugs.

This is the equation: poverty, expensive housing and food, necessities, ect, lack of ability to find work and no culture of community economy, plus drugs, equals urban warfare.

We all are familiar with (or should be) the work of journalist Gary Webb, who exposed the CIA’s role in trafficking cocaine to the United States and starting the crack epidemic that kicked off the entire modern day criminal culture. Gary Webb’s body was found in his home in a suburb of Sacramento, California in 2004, with two gunshots to the back of the head, and they still ruled it a suicide.

So in conclusion, understanding all the parties involved and the fact that this is really inter-generational gang warfare fueled by mysterious crates of weapons and the extreme prevalence of drugs on the streets of Chicago and across America, who could look to the government for a solution?