3 Men Charged with 1,400 Counts of Sexually Abusing Dogs, Horses, Cows, Goats [Video]

Authorities in Pennsylvania arrested 3 men on Sunday and charged them with an unfathomable 1,400 counts of sexually abusing animals, including dogs, cows, goats and horses.

Just when you thought this world couldn’t be any more messed up, something like this happens and total destroys your faith in humanity …

Breitbart Reported: “Terry Wallace, 41, Marc Measnikoff, 34, and Matthew Brubaker, 32, are also facing multiple charges of cruelty to animals, endangering the welfare of a child, and the corruption of minors, according to KDA Channel 2.

 Police say the minor told them that the men built a special “v-shaped” pen to hold the animals while the men molested them.

The teenaged boy was taken into protective custody.

Investigators also reported finding a large cache of homemade videos showing the men molesting a wide range of animals. Video recoding equipment was also confiscated by the investigators.”