The NYT & Rosenstein’s Coup Is Collapsing Before Their Eyes & It’s Glorious To Watch!

Elder Patriot – There’s a reason the “paper of administrative state leaks,” The New York Times, outed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein yesterday.  The timing of President Trump’s declassification order was not coincidental to the Times decision.

You can be sure that the story, accurate or not, was meant to advance a narrative, most likely to block discovery of Obama and Clinton wrongdoing until after the midterms.  We say that because the Times prints nothing that doesn’t serve their agenda.

That agenda has been protecting the corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and his wholly unholy administration.

It is against this backdrop that we suggest Rod Rosenstein has become a pawn in an attempt to slow the declassification ordered by President Trump.

It appears that somehow President Trump has defied all the odds and navigated his way through the complicated web of an international plot that was working in conjunction with a corrupt CIA-DOJ-FBI cabal and post-president Obama to destroy his presidency.

Trump’s tenacity and smarts were never anticipated by those scheming against him but he has survived and he is now poised to bring them to justice.  His declassification order will lift the curtain on the rampant corruption that resulted in the attempt to overturn the results of an election strictly to obscure the criminality of the Obama-Clinton criminal enterprise.

The declassification order includes the final FISA application, all reports prepared in connection with interviews pertaining to the FISA application, Bruce Ohr’s 302’s, and all the communications (personal or otherwise) related to the Russia investigation that were exchanged between James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr.  

No one knows the extent of the seditious behavior, the level of international involvement, and the coordination that took place under the direction of the Obama White House, better than Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein who has been in charge of all previous and document releases and the redactions therein.

The release of the information demanded by President Trump will make it obvious to everyone except the most obtuse Obama and Clinton sycophants that the abuse of their authority passed criminal and went all the way to seditious.

The Times may have outed Rosenstein with hopes that Trump would fire him and that would be the predicate to trigger the re-opening of the special counsel’s obstruction investigation.  But, Trump didn’t bite leaving Rosenstein waiting at the gallows.

It was a longshot at best but as the final curtain is about to be lifted it was worth a try.

Or, perhaps Rosenstein was responsible for the Times story.

There are some men who, when confronted with their unseemly past, take matters into their own hands and end things prematurely before being dragged through a period of protracted torture waiting for each new shoe to drop.

Did Rod Rosenstein purposely out himself to the New York Times in a last ditch effort to be fired so that an end would come to the drip, drip, drip mental torture he has endured while watching Trump unravel the most contrived, complicated and highest reaching attempted coup d’etat in the history of this planet?

It’s game time.