Remember When a Dead Intern Was Found in Trump Bashing ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough’s Office? We Do

Elder Patriot – The more we learn about the denizens of the D.C. swamp the more we learn why they are so desperately aligned against President Trump.  For them it’s either take down this president or, if he gets to cleanup the F.B.I. and Justice Department, he’ll take them down.

Take the stridently anti-Trump psychosis gripping Joe Scarborough every morning.  Could it be motivated because “Morning Joe” may have something to hide?  This seems to be the case with every virulently anti-Trumper these days after doing a little digging.

Is it the Clintons who know a little bit too much about Joe Scarborough’s past for him to do anything but defend the swamp in the most vigorous way he can.  Does that explain his maniacal three-hour daily diatribes focused on destroying President Trump?

Whatever is motivating him, Joe’s got a dead intern in his locker that few people know about and that Deep State operatives helped to cover up.

Back in 2010, liberal blogger Markos Moulitsas was a regular guest on MSNBC. There’s nothing unusual about the founder of the Daily Kos going on TV and swapping insults about Republicans with Keith Olbermann or any other liberal host.

That all came to a screeching halt in July of 2010 when MSNBC blacklisted Moulitsas after he had tweeted a message about Lori Klausutis. 

Klausutis was the 28-year old office worker for then U.S. Rep. Joe Scarborough who was found dead in the congressman’s district office.  Her death was ruled an accident the result of her not feeling well. The official explanation was that Klausutis had died after heart problems caused her to fall and hit her head on a desk. There were no apparent signs of foul play. Case closed.

A young woman dies from a blow to her head and the medical examiner concluded it was an accident and closed the case.  Yeah.  I guess that could’ve happened.

Later, despite prodding by national Republicans to run against Katherine Harris, Scarborough declined.  That declination came soon after Harris had called major donors and suggested Scarborough would have to answer questions about the strange death of a former staff member in 2001, according to two former high-level Harris staff members, a GOP donor and Scarborough.

While Scarborough deserves the benefit of the doubt it is undeniable that an inordinate number of Washington politicians seem to have unexplained deaths and kinky sexual peccadillos in their backgrounds, far more than us ordinary folk do that’s for sure. 

Coupling these politico’s histories with their penchant for defending the rampant corruption in Washington D.C. naturally leads to the conclusion that they’re all defending each other if only to protect themselves.

It is suspicious when a person with Scarborough’s Republican credentials and hidden past engages in daily unhinged and totally unbalanced daily attacks on a president who has promised to drain the swamp.

It could all be just a coincidence, right?  Or, not.