Trump Walked Up to See New Border Wall.. He Looked Over & Was Shown a Sign From Above

Kirsters Baish| President Trump just paid the United States Mexico border today to see Border Wall prototypes. He saw something else, and it was truly amazing. While the border wall models were wonderful, there was something else that left President Trump awestruck. One border patrol agent showed President Trump a picture, and it was a sign that he had been right all along.

The mainstream media and the Democrats in Congress keep mocking the idea of a border wall. They claim that it won’t work, but this border agent proved them all wrong, and he did it all with a picture. He showed President Trump what the border looked like prior to the wall built in San Diego and after the wall was built. The difference was astounding.

It was great for President Trump to see some proof that the idea of a border wall works. You can’t argue with the picture that was shown to President Trump. This picture is proof that a border wall will help keep America safe and our border secure.  Below is some of their conversation:

PRES. TRUMP: How was it like until you built the wall?

BORDER AGENT: There was effectively no border in San Diego, it was a chaotic situation… [The Wall] changed our environment We decreased the illegal cross-border traffic by 95%.

PRES. TRUMP: For the people who say no walls, if you didn’t have these walls here, you wouldn’t even have a country.

PRES. TRUMP:This is what it is now with a not very good wall. But here it is before and people are just pouring across… We have a lousy wall over here now, but at least it stops 90-95%. When we put up the real wall, we’re going to stop 99%, maybe even more than that.

BORDER AGENT: This is one of the sections where we have triple fencing… Again, it’s outdated material but it’s proof of concept. The economic driver of this outlet mall that was built after we re-stablished law and order in San Diego… 500 brand new homes where people felt so safe near the border that they’ve moved back in. But that’s only because the U.S. border patrol re-established law and order.

Watch the video clip below:

The video below is another exchange between President Trump and the border agent who showed him the picture.