Kim Dot Com Exposes Mueller Indictments As A Fraud, Says He Was Told NOT To Provide Evidence On Seth Rich

Elder Patriot – Back on February 18, 2018 reiterated his assertion from May of 2017 that he knew who breached the DNC server(s) but Special Counsel Robert Mueller wasn’t interested in hearing him out.

Why would that be?  Why wouldn’t someone willing to kick in the doors of President Trump’s associates in his search for evidence give a willing cyber forensics expert who claimed knowledge of the hack and the murder of a person with access to the server a hearing?

For a Special Counsel charged with “turning over every leaf” in his search for collusion the appearance that Mueller is protecting someone or a number of  someones becomes inescapable.

What did a 27-year-old IT worker for the DNC know that Mueller was intent on hiding?

After Mueller refused Kim’s offer to testify, his attorneys warned him to avoid the Special Counsel altogether.

After watching Rod Rosenstein sell Americans a bag full of innuendo absent any credible evidence of the charges he was bragging on yesterday, Kim posted a series of tweets warning the rest of us that we should not trust Rosenstein or Mueller, either.

The indictments cited by Rosenstein yesterday were so devoid of actionable evidence that it left us wondering why, if this is the best they could turn up after more than a year, they haven’t just shut it down.

These indictments might provide fodder for the mainstream media but there’s no there, there and anyone with even a modicum of legal knowledge can see though the ruse.

Read the charging document for yourself if you think I’m blowing smoke to protect someone:

  Baghdad Bob Mueller Indictment by The Conservative Treehouse on Scribd

President Trump moves with the confidence of a man who knows this is a witch-hunt that will turn up empty so he continues reshaping the world and revitalizing our economy without distraction.  

Regardless, no matter how much winning Trump does for us, Americans deserve to have their confidence restored in their intelligence agencies.  The person who follows Trump into the White House – hopefully not until 2025 – is not likely to have his steel spine and must not be handcuffed by the corrupt, out of control, Deep State..

Begin the purge, Mr. President.