1st VP Pence Put Joy Behar To Shame, Now Tomi Lauren Sends Behar Scurrying For Cover

Kirsters Baish| Recently Fox News’s “Fox & Friends” welcomed Tomi Lahren to the show to talk about the ridiculous statements made by liberal actress Joy Behar about Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian Faith. Lahren totally destroyed Behar, and her attack is going viral quickly.

Behar made the implication that Mike Pence (and anyone else who is of the Christian faith and prays to God) is “mentally ill.” Conservative Christians are now having to defend their faith because of Behar. Lahren unleashed the beast on Behar after her disgusting attack on religion.

She exclaimed, “Who is she to question how often our Vice President should speak to his Lord and Savior? Who is she to mock anyone for their faith?”

That wasn’t all. Lahren continued on to remind us just how hypocritical leftists on “The View” are when it boils down to these exact issues in our country.

Lahren continued, “These people are really really amazing to me because they preach day in and day out about tolerance and love. Tolerance and love for everyone except conservative Christians. And then they can mock you and it’s funny, and you’re something they can use for their jokes around the table and they can all cackle about it. It’s really disgusting. Not surprising, but disgusting.”

Co-host of “Fox & Friends” Brian Kilmeade expressed his feeling that Behar was a serious hypocrite. He stated that the actress was purposefully targeting Christians and wouldn’t dare to mock any other religion.

“If you want Joy Behar to be quiet, just say that maybe someone is speaking to Allah and Allah talks back… She would not be mocking that.”

Watch the video below: