Images Of Yesterday’s School Shooter Reveal His Affinity For ANTIFA & Radical Communist Iconography

Kirsters Baish| As details on yesterday’s school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas are released, we are left with some big questions about the liberal narrative that the NRA and President Trump are to blame. From what we know so far, there have been nine confirmed dead. Law enforcement have confirmed that the suspect also placed homemade explosives, likely made out of pressure cookers, both on campus and in surrounding areas off campus. The shooter was confronted by at least one armed officer inside the school.

The shooter was taken into custody by authorities, who have explained that he is a 17-year-old student named Dimitrios Pagourtzis. The mainstream media isn’t going to be happy about this one. It seems that they cannot blame this one on the NRA or President Trump, since the suspect’s social media pages suggest that he was pro-Communism. He was wearing a pro-Communist symbol when he enter the school and started shooting.

Pagourtzis’ Facebook page had images showing the Soviet “hammer and sickle” pin proudly displayed on his clothing. The jacket that the pin was shown on in the Facebook image is the same jacket that students claim he was wearing when he committed the mass shooting.

Anti-Trump activists often sport the “hammer and sickle” symbol. This includes the radical group, Antifa.

Screenshots of Pagourtzis’ Facebook account were posted by Metro UK newspaper. They showed the red “hammer and sickle” pin and his take on what the symbol meant. “Duster Hammer and Sickle = Rebellion,” he wrote.

The star the suspect wore was either the exact same, or almost the same as the ones from

We have seen this symbol become the symbol of anti-Trump activists lately. Take a look at the video below:

Local NBC affiliate KPRC spoke to a witness, as reported by NBC, who wrote, “Dustin Severin, a 17-year-old student, told local NBC affiliate KPRC that he saw (the shooter) in the hallway shortly before the bullets started flying — and that he was wearing his usual outfit.”

“He wears a trench coat every day, and it’s like 90 degrees out here,” the witness stated.

The shooter’s trench coat had other pins on it as well. It had a rising sun which is meant to symbolize “kamikaze tactics,” and Baphomet, which is an idol of the Occult. Yup… that devil-worshipping type stuff.

You can be sure that more details about Pagourtzis will emerge as the days go by. Clearly this guy doesn’t follow the liberal narrative that all school shootings should be blamed on the NRA and Trump-supporters. It’s not looking like this guy was a big Trump fan at all.