Trew Gowdy Grab The Mic & Lays The Cards On The Table Sending Leaky Adam Schiff Running For His Life

Kirsters Baish| We all know California’s Democratic Representative Adam Schiff as the biggest leaker in Washington. We constantly hear the left bashing Devin Nunes and complaining about the Intel Committee having been politicized… but they fail to mention that it can all be traced back to Adam Schiff.

Representative Schiff continues to leak to this day, and the damage he is doing to the institutions that he claims that he is working to protect has put both Trey Gowdy and Devin Nunes in a tough situation. They are unable to do their jobs to lead intel oversight properly.

Gowdy and Nunes were elected to their positions to protect the country and keep an eye on the intelligence community. Schiff’s perpetual leaking of classified data is making it extremely hard for them to work. Now, it seems that Gowdy is done dealing with Schiff’s BS.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., denounced “exchanging letters and seeing who can leak them the quickest” as a poor way for him and his colleagues in Congress to successfully obtain information they seek from the executive branch of government.

Instead, the House Oversight chairman hailed face-to-face interactions being far more effective, as evidenced by what he described was a “productive” classified briefing with intelligence community leaders that followed a subpoena for information regarding special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

During an appearance on Fox News on Friday evening, Gowdy explained, “I think we’re getting farther taking this approach meeting eyeball to eyeball as opposed to exchanging letters and seeing who can leak them the quickest. That is not constructive. What is constructive is to have a conversation and I think we’re making progress toward accessing the document,” he added.

The interview came after Gowdy’s meeting with Office of the Director of National Intelligence officials, DOJ officials, as well as FBI officials, and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes. This came after Nunes subpoenaed the Justice Department as the agency never responded to a classified letter he sent to them late last month.

It was reported that the subpoena insisted that all documents relating to a specific United States citizen that as involved with the investigation be handed over. The White House backed the Justice Department in telling Nunes that it would be a risk to national security if they were to comply with the subpoena.

Tensions between Nunes and the Department of Justice seemed to calm down following the meeting. Gowdy and Nunes explained that there was a “productive discussion” had, and the two men expected that there would be more talk on the issue in the weeks to come.

While on Fox News, Gowdy explained that he hopes that he will get a chance to see the documents. He explained that the “tension” among the three branches of our government is intentional. Congress will just have to deal.

They should be meeting in person to get the job done. Schiff should certainly NOT be sneaking around leaking information to people like Rachel Maddow. It’s time for Schiff to do what he was elected to his position to do and start putting America first.