Laura Ingraham Dismantles Stormy Daniel’s Attorney, Michael Avenatti, in Brutal Takedown On Live TV

Kirsters Baish| The million dollar question is how did porn star Stormy Daniels’ person attorney, Michael Avenatti, get his hands on Michael Cohen’s bank records? (Cohen was hired by President Donald Trump to be a part of his personal legal team.) The billion dollar question though? How did Avenatti get involved with Daniels in the first place?

Most Americans aren’t aware that Avenatti actually spent time working for Rahm Emanuel at one point. You’re probably wondering what kind of work he was doing. Well, Avenatti was hired to dig up dirt on Emanuel’s political enemies at his opposition research firm.

 If there’s anything we can call Rahm, it’s an opposition research master. Is it possible that this is all just a big coincidence? Could Stormy Daniels have just found Avenatti on her own? Did he just happen to waive the fees for a different reason other than some kind of vendetta against Trump?

Fox News host Laura Ingraham has some questions about the whole thing, and she has never been one to keep quiet when she questions something. She delivered the ultimate smackdown to Avenatti on her show, “The Ingraham Angle.”

Mediaite reported that Ingraham mocked Daniels’ attorney for pushing “mistruths” in addition to him having claimed that the “fact” that the FBI had wiretapped Cohen in the first place prior to the raids.

Ingraham stated, “There has been quite a few- have been quite a few mistruths stated by Michael Avenatti, who was brought onto some of these other networks, as almost like an analyst. They almost forget that he’s representing a client. And instead, he says something and then the chyron’s, Trump, Cohen Bombshell, Russian oligarch’ without almost looking into the details. It’s wild.”

Fox News contributor Byron York was skeptical about just how important Michael Cohen’s ties to the oligarch are since special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators “farmed” it over to the attorneys of the Southern District of New York. Ingraham went on to explain that the company under suspicion was an “American-led” and “American-run” company. She cracked a joke that if you were to order a “White Russian” in a restaurant, you’re then “part of the collusion.”

“I think it hurts the case,” Ingraham went on. “I think it’s really shortsighted for the media to take almost everything this guy says as gospel and I think they are embarrassing themselves every night on this.”

She is totally right. The mainstream media is being exposed for what they really are, and what they really are is extremely biased. Fox News is the only network that is even attempting to be fair in this case.

Avenatty will not appear on Fox News, despite multiple invitations from Ingraham. If he afraid of being asked questions that he doesn’t want to answer? Lord knows when he appears on MSNBC they give him softball questions. This would NOT be the case if he were to appear on Fox.
Take a look at the video below to see the segment of “The Ingraham Angle.”