Fed-Up Americans Launch Campaign to Make David Hogg Go Away Once and For All

Kirsters Baish| The mainstream media’s favorite gun control poster boy, David Hogg, has launched a full on campaign geared towards getting Fox News host Laura Ingraham fired from the network. It all started when Ingraham jokingly tweeted about Hogg’s own Tweet about being rejected from multiple colleges. Hogg took the joke a little too personally and insisted that his followers boycott Ingraham’s show and all companies who run ads during it.

The left is thrilled that Hogg is now the face of the anti-Second Amendment movement. We have included a list of the eleven companies who have pulled ads from The Ingraham Angle in case you were thinking about joining the boycott against the boycott.

BizPac Review reported:

Eleven companies so far have pulled their advertising from “The Ingraham Angle,” after the 17-year old unleashed his fury on the conservative primetime host because she hurt his feelings by tweeting about his college rejections – a fact he openly declared himself.

CBS News reported that who have announced that they will no longer be showing ads on Ingraham’s show include The Atlantis, Paradise Island resort; Office Depot, Jenny Craig, Hulu, Nutrish, TripAdvisor, Expedia, Wayfair, StitchFix, Nestlé and Johnson & Johnson. The companies claimed that their standards don’t align with the standards of Ingraham. They felt that she was divisive and demeaning. Ironically, she was “demeaning” to a kid who is using an anti-gun movement to bully others, calling all NRA members child murderers.

Conservative Americans aren’t ready to just let Hogg get away with acting like a bully while simultaneously complaining about being bullied. The 11 companies who took Hogg’s side should really watch their backs now that they have stabbed Ingraham in hers.

The Ingraham Angle is dealing with the media frenzy and attack from the left. The following is from Mediaite:

In the 10 PM hour, Ingraham pulled in 2.152 million total viewers and 432,000 in the key 25-54 demographic, according to Nielsen. For the day, the program finished fifth overall in cable news, behind MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show, Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox’s Hannity (Hannity was guest hosted by Jeanine Pirro) and MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. Ingraham placed third overall in the demo.

Ingraham did drop a bit from Wednesday night when the program finished fourth overall in cable news and averaged a total viewership of 2.289 million and 474,000 demo viewers. But it should be noted that cable news viewership was lower across the board on Thursday and the Pirro-hosted Hannity provided a much weaker lead-in for Ingraham. (Hannity attracted 2.928 million viewers on Wednesday.)

For the quarter, Ingraham is fifth overall in cable news in total viewers, averaging 2.498 million. It has also garnered 507,000 in the key demo during that timeframe.

en Shapiro is sick of David Hogg and his liberal friends, and he’s speaking out against them and their sick agenda. Shapiro was sure to let Hogg know exactly how he felt.

From BizPac Review:

Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro called out the student gun control activist for pressuring advertisers into dropping conservative Laura Ingraham over a dig at his self-admitted college acceptance difficulties. On Twitter, Shapiro challenged Hogg to apologize to public figures whom he has maligned.

Then conservatives made a call to action and formed their own hashtag on Twitter … #BlockTheHogg

 American News Central Reported: He overstepped himself when he went called for a boycott of Fox News hos host Laura Ingraham, not for anything that had to do with guns.

Hogg’s most recent target has been Fox News conservative Laura Ingraham who dared to say he was whining about not getting accepted by some colleges he applied to, a fact he openly shared himself. The teen ignited a firestorm as he called for a boycott of Ingraham’s advertisers after his feelings were hurt, a move that has since seen nearly a dozen companies pull their ads from the Fox News Channel’s primetime show, “The Ingraham Angle.”

But although that may have been Hogg’s motivation there was something “very dark and sinister” behind it, as conservative commentator and writer, Candace Owens, observed.

“No ‘kid’ thinks up mercilessly going after someone’s advertisers because they called him ‘whiny,’” she tweeted.

And she’s right, Hogg has been getting the advice and help of Media Matters who admitted they want to shut down another Fox host. They’ve conducted similar boycott campaigns in the past against Fox hosts. They’re just using Hogg as a vehicle to shut down political speech with which they disagree.

And now conservatives have launched a counter-boycott, with the hashtag #IStandwithLaura, against any of the advertisers if they pull out of Ingraham’s show.

So what will it be?  Will you join us in taking a stand?