Deep State Patriot Reveals What Clinton Offered Loretta Lynch To Drop Charges During Illegal Tarmac Meeting – Report

Elder Patriot – If you’re wondering why Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch signed multiple FISA warrant applications knowing she was committing fraud against the court, one possible answer is that she was already neck-deep in protecting Hillary Clinton – and Barack Hussein Obama – from burying the Clinton email felonies.

QAnon, believed to be a Deep State Patriot intent on exposing the Secret Societies within our government that are waging war against President Trump, posted this coded message yesterday:

QAnon presents a timeline surrounding the infamous Lynch-Bill Clinton tarmac meeting suggesting that Bill offered Lynch the Supreme Court seat previously held by Antonin Scalia. 

“AS” are Scalia’s initials and “187 “is used in law enforcement for a killing/murder, according to the urban dictionary.

HRC Investigation pivot points

Feb. 2, 2016: Podesta email re: “Wet-works,” slang for “murder”

Feb. 13, 2016: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Feb. 13, 2016: Podesta email regarding Scalia replacement

June 27, 2016: Bill Clinton’s tarmac meeting with Loretta Lynch

July 1, 2016: Loretta Lynch announces she will accept FBI findings

July 2, 2016: FBI interviews Hillary Clinton

July 5, 2016: James Comey dismisses Clinton email investigation

“JC” – James Comey issues an exoneration after listing multiple felony violations of federal law

“#2 “and “PS” refers to Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok who were both central figures in tanking the overwhelming evidence against Hillary and later, after the dismissal of Comey, did their best to bury the case going forward.  McCabe was forced to resign by new FBI Director Christopher Wray and Strzok – once central to the FBI’s counterintelligence division – has been reassigned to the human resources department.

“WL comms” tells us that QAnon has already received confirmation of the tarmac discussion between Clinton and Lynch from WikiLeaks.

In the absence of any other reasonable explanation for Lynch’s bizarre subversion of her responsibilities this makes the most sense, by far.

And, if Hillary had won the presidency none of the Obama administration’s eight years of deliberate disregard of the law, to hide their advance of an anti-American agenda, would ever have been exposed.