Rosie Continues Call For Military Coup: “Send The Military To The White House To Get Trump

Some people are incapable of admitting they’re wrong.  Rosie O’Donnell, blinded by her hatred of Donald Trump, is one of them.

Following Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States, and prior to his inauguration, Rosie shared her emotional meltdown with a series of tweets.

Apparently mired in the hopes that Hillary Clinton’s charges that Trump colluded with Russia was true she literally begged elected officials to discard Due Process and the Constitution, and disqualify the results of the election.

Was this derangement on Rosie’s part or simply hyperbole?

Well, consider that Rosie also tweeted this nine days before Trump took the oath of office:

Then decide how well her tweet has aged since then.

-The economy is reaching new heights almost daily and the experts say that the underlying fundamentals suggest there is no end to the economic expansion in sight.

-With the Obamacare mandate gone by Executive Order employers are no longer compelled to turn full-time jobs into part-time jobs just to avoid the onerous costs of healthcare insurance.

-Historical lows in unemployment, coupled with the two points above, have resulted in four million new, well-paying jobs – not baristas – and rising wages for an ever increasing number of American workers.  

-New trade deals, and others yet to be negotiated, that promise to return as much as $800,000,000,000. Annually to America’s economy.

-A coordinated foreign policy vision that suggests at least the possibility for a cessation of hostilities around the world.

After 20 months of the Trump presidency, the American people are undeniably better off.  

So has Rosie tempered the sentiments she expressed in that tweet?  Watch this clip from MSNBC yesterday and then you be the judge:

After the host said:

“He wants to send the military to the border.”

Rosie fired back:

“I want to send the military to the White House to get him.”

That January 11, 2017 tweet wasn’t the only thing that hasn’t aged well.  With Mueller’s investigation failing to implicate Trump in even a hint of Russian collusion, Rosie’s insistence on continuing to demand the president’s removal is not only a sign of derangement, it’s dangerous.

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