Sarah Huckabee Sanders Bringing America Together With Hilarious Viral Video

K Baish| It’s great to see politicians taking a break from the regular issues and offering up some much-needed humor, just as White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders did this week. It seems that liberals these days think that comedy means attacking President Donald Trump and his administration.

The satire channel “Bad Lip Reading” released a hilarious viral video which filled in Sanders’ comments during a press briefing that took place in the White House briefing room with the White House press pool reporters.

The video contains the imprimatur of the White House Press Secretary’s father, Governor Mike Huckabee, in addition to Tommy Vietor, a former advisor for Barack Obama.

It was more than likely that Bad Lip Reading released the video as a knock on Sanders, but it shows how Conservative America feels about the media during press briefings. The video is truly hilarious.

Here’s a small sample from the Daily Caller:

“Okay, idiots, are you ready?” begins “mock Sanders” after opening her folder and telling herself “I need a drink.”

“I can’t stand the faces of you people,” she says as the camera pans to various members of the press.

Take a look at the YouTube version of the video: