Rudy Giuliani Goes For The Jugular, Exposes Mueller For His Own Crimes & Roll In Anti-Trump Conspiracy, Tells Session It’s Time To Rock & Roll

Elder Patriot – There’s been a significant shift over the last week in the way Team Trump is focusing on the Deep State corruption.

President Trump and his lead attorney have moved from being defending themselves to going on offense.

Wednesday night, during an interview with Sean Hannity. Rudy Giuliani accused Robert Mueller – the special counsel reputedly of impeccable honesty – of being a participant in the conspiracy to destroy President Trump before the president has a chance to destroy Mueller and his Deep State co-conspirators.

Then on Friday, Rudy signaled Attorney General Jeff Sessions that it’s time to move against the Deep State.  

While most Trump supporters have grown weary of Sessions’ seemingly do nothing approach and have come to view him as compromised by the Deep State, we have maintained that Sessions is a white hat managing a corrupt Department of Justice.

We believe Sessions’ has been handcuffed in conducting this investigation by an inability to trust Obama-Clinton holdovers and an inability to identify who they are.  

It has been our contention that the investigation – a massive RICO investigation – had been outsourced to Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie, two men with stellar prosecutorial records who Trump believes he can trust.

Giuliani has been a lifelong friend of Trump’s and was the man who introduced him at virtually every campaign stop.  More importantly, Giuliani oversaw the masterful application of RICO law to takedown New York’s crime syndicate.

Christie was the first Republican presidential candidate to endorse Donald Trump.  He did that immediately upon dropping out of the race. Significantly, Christie had successfully prosecuted more than 130 corrupt public officials.

Team Trump faced another problem of massive proportions – the mainstream mockingbird media.  Those of us who paid attention always knew they were biased but we never allowed ourselves to believe they were outright corrupt.

Unfortunately, they are more corrupt than anyone could have imagined.

That was in 1975.  The Washington cabal have had 43 years and infinitely more money to build a much wider web of corruption of the media.

Expect at least 93 mainstream media anti-Trump chirpers – they certainly can’t be called journalists – to be swept up in this web of corruption.  More than the Russians and more than the Brits, they are the ones who most significantly altered the outcome of the 2016 election and they are intent on destroying Trump’s governing majority in 2018.

If Trump is to have long term success in draining the washington swamp, he cannot allow the corruption that permeates the legacy media to outlive his presidency.  Reagan allowed that and they damn near destroyed his record of accomplishment.

Worse, in less than three decades they had brought the United States to its knees.

Trust Trump.